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Systems Administrator, Polar Data Catalogue/Canadian Cryospheric Information Network

Date: April, 2016
Reports to (Job Title): Professor of Geography and Executive Director of the Polar Data Catalogue/Canadian Cryospheric Information Network
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): None
Department: Geography and Environment Management


Main Campus


USG 10
17.5 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

Manage and maintain the computing infrastructure of the Polar Data Catalogue/Canadian Cryospheric Information Network (PDC/CCIN) and provide computing support to PDC/CCIN staff .

Key Accountabilities:

1.  Configure and maintain PDC/CCIN infrastructure to ensure robust and efficient operation, including but not limited to the following tasks:


2.  Implement a robust security plan for all PDC/CCIN operations, including but not limited to the following tasks:


3.  Assist PDC/CCIN personnel with computing needs, including but not limited to the following tasks:


4.  Plan for future PDC/CCIN infrastructure upgrades and possible new configurations, including but not limited to the following tasks:


Position Requirements



Minimum of five years' experience in administration of computing systems in a business, government, or educational setting. Demonstrated experience in configuration and maintenance of a broad range of desktop and server operating systems and hardware, wired and wireless networking, and enterprise storage systems is required.




The incumbent will have extensive knowledge of the following:


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Internal: Present and discuss information and problems with PDC/CCIN personnel to achieve the goals of the organization. Provide personalized support to facilitate resolution of technical problems. Report work progress to Executive Director and collaborate on infrastructure planning and strategy.


External: Work with external project partners as needed to facilitate collaboration and ensure functionality of linked PDC/CCIN systems

Level of Responsibility:

The job has specialized work with minimal supervision and provides guidance to others.

Decision-Making Authority:

Manages all PDC/CCIN computing infrastructure on a daily basis and makes decisions regarding repairs, upgrades, configuration modifications, and future planning in consultation with PDC/CCIN personnel.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Minimal demands typical of an administrative position within an office environment with occasional physical exertion resulting in slight fatigue, strain, or risk of injury when interacting with computing hardware.

Working Environment:

Travel:  Occasional travel required


Working Hours:  Regular working hours, frequent evening/weekend work required


Risks-physical and psychological: 


Physical risks

Psychological risks