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Co-ordinator, Desk Services

Department: Housing & Residences Effective Date: June, 2013


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Manager, Desk Services

General Accountability

The Co-ordinator of Desk Services within the Department of Housing and Residences is accountable to the Manager, Desk Services for the coordination of Front Desk operations, which includes scheduling all Desk Services student staff, management of nine Front Desk Trainers, co-management of three Team Leaders, and supervision of the Front Desk Assistants (FDAs) at each of the five residence communities. 

Nature and Scope

Also reporting to the Manager, Desk Services is the Administrative Co-ordinator, Team Leaders and Front Desk Assistants.

The Department of Housing and Residences focuses on fostering meaningful growth and learning opportunities by providing a safe, accessible, clean and supportive home where all students succeed personally and academically.  As the Co-ordinator, it is essential to work within the Housing framework by providing working opportunities for student staff and establishing strong working relationships within the Department.

The Co-ordinator, Desk Services will work closely with the Residence Life team, Living Learning team, Organizational Services, Web Communications and Learning, and Marketing Assistant, to contribute to the advancement of the Department’s goals regarding student services and customer service. 

The Co-ordinator, Desk Services is responsible for the day to day operation of the five front desks which employs 45-65 student staff per term.  This includes but is not limited to, completing monthly schedules in WhenToWork for all student staff in Desk Services, overseeing and processing promotions and events in residence, and developing best practices and policies for student staff. The Co-ordinator meets regularly with student staff and follows the Desk Services Student Staff Conduct Procedures. Additionally, the Co-ordinator manages nine Front Desk Trainers and co-manages three Team Leaders who are responsible for Team Meetings, SharePoint, Training and other accountabilities.

The Co-ordinator also works in tandem with the Administrative Co-ordinator, Desk Services to plan and facilitate Orientation for new and returning staff each term. Additionally, the Co-ordinator plans and facilitates all staff appreciation events including, but not limited to, the Staff End of Term Dinner. The Co-ordinator implements a Focus Group each term to gather feedback from all Front Desk Trainers and Assistants, as well as a minimum of one Professional Development session per term for all Desk Services student staff to attend.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

Supervisory: Provide excellent leadership to all student staff in the incumbent’s area of responsibility. This will include creating and maintaining positive working relationships by establishing a clear set of reasonable and mutually agreed upon expectations, effectively measuring and evaluating performance, and providing constructive feedback. The incumbent is expected to provide solid training and development for all reports.


Customer Service and Student Services: Promote leadership, growth and development for all residents and student staff within Housing.  This can be achieved through the advancement of customer service provided at the front desk and by utilizing creativity to solve problems. Additionally, the Co-ordinator will be responsible for the development of both the Front Desk Trainer, and FDA program allowing for strategic planning, coordination and implementation of ideas as a result of staff feedback. 


Communication: Demonstrate professional and timely communication to all key stakeholders through both oral and written forms. The Co-ordinator will be responsible for facilitating large group presentations and one on one meetings with staff, as well as connecting to the team via email and SharePoint.  Participates in weekly one on one meetings with the Manager, Desk Services.


Administration: Ensure the smooth operation of Desk Services through updating staff files, assisting with hiring of Front Desk Trainers, Team Leaders, and Front Desk Assistants.  Managing Front Desk Trainer and Front Desk Assistant programs/databases, implementing policies and procedures and other duties as assigned by the Manager, Desk Services. 


Professional Development

Working Conditions

Much of the time is spent sitting in a comfortable position with frequent opportunity to move about. Located in a comfortable indoor area there is a frequent need to give close attention to various stimuli such as written material and information given verbally to co-workers. The work is varied.  There are deadline pressures, while at the same time there is a demand for thoroughness and accuracy.