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Administrative Coordinator Postdoctoral Fellow/Associate & Affiliate Appointments

Department: Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) Effective Date: December, 2013


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Assistant Director, Administration

General Accountability

Accountable to the Assistant Director, Administration, Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) to provide administrative support for IQC Postdoctoral Fellow, Affiliate, Associate, and Adjunct appointments.  Also, provides administrative support to assigned faculty which includes financial monitoring and general administrative support.

Nature and Scope

Strategic Context

The mission of the Institute for Quantum Computing is to advance fundamental experimental and theoretical knowledge in relevant areas of Engineering, Mathematics and Science to enhance development in the field of Quantum Computation and Information Processing.  To achieve this mission, the Institute brings together the best researchers and students from around the world in Computing Engineering, Mathematical and Physical Sciences.

Faculty are engaged in extensive research, with over 100 active grants and contracts.  Research funds awarded during the past fiscal year amounted to over $28 Million.  In addition to this, IQC holds a $50 Million Industry Canada award.



Internal and External Relationships

Other positions which report to the same supervisor:

· Receptionist/Office Assistant

· Visitor Coordinator

· Administrative/Financial Assistants (2)

· Administrative/Financial Assistant - CERC Chair

· Research Support Assistant, Deputy Director

· Administrative Officer


Positions that report directly to the incumbent:  None

Significant External Relationships:

The Administrative Coordinator has regular contact with faculty, staff and students within the Mathematics, Science and Engineering faculties.  In addition, there will be ongoing contact with staff in the Office of the President, Office of Research, Finance, and other academic and administrative departments. Affiliate and Adjunct appointments will necessitate contact with world renowned researchers and Nobel Prize winners.

Significant Internal Relationships

Currently there are 18 full time faculty from three faculties (Mathematics, Engineering and Science) and the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, who work collaboratively with the Director to advance the goals of the Institute.  Plans are to increase the number of faculty to 33 full time positions within the next five years.  As well, the Institute currently has 73 graduate students and 38 postdoctoral fellows registered in other faculties but studying within the Institute, with an intention to increase to 150 and 50 respectively.  IQC has recently established it’s own graduate program.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

Major Responsibilities

IQC Administration:

Provides administrative support for all IQC Postdoctoral Fellow appointments.  Completes appointment forms and offer letters for new appointments and extensions, obtains signatures and distributes copies as appropriate. Liaises with Administrative Assistants of six academic departments to ensure appointments are timely and records are accurate.  Arranges office space, and provides orientation upon arrival.   Maintains detailed spreadsheet of applications, hires, extensions, salary splits, arrivals and departures with approval details.

Prepares salary account change memos, maintains detailed spreadsheet with monthly and yearly spending of IQC funds on Postdoctoral fellows and updates the Director on a bi-weekly basis and as well provides a year end report.

Arranges Postdoctoral Committee meetings, as well as monthly postdoctoral fellow meetings.  This includes room booking and catering arrangements.

Notifies Committee chair of departures for exit interviews, etc.

Provides administrative support for all IQC Associate and Affiliate Appointments: Tracks and initiates paperwork associated with IQC Associate, Adjunct and Affiliate appointments.  Prepares stipend letters with customization as required. Maintains updated Terms of Reference for these appointments on IQC wiki/Quatrium.  Sends out packages, notifies Visitor Coordinator of potential visits, adds name to mailing list and notifies Outreach Team so that website and link are updated.  Follows up on all responses and renewals.  Maintains detailed spreadsheet with information on Associates/Affiliates and ensures this list is reviewed by the Deputy Director each term.


Faculty Research Groups:

Budgeting, budgetary forecasting and financial management:  Monitors and has signing authority on assigned faculty research accounts.  Monitors financial resources for assigned faculty, including start up funding, and provides information to ensure use of funds is maximized by providing advice on deadlines and adherence to budget.  Provides categorized list of expenses as appropriate.  This includes administration and monitoring of accounts following established policies and procedures appropriate to the various granting agencies.  Initiates transfer memos and charge backs as appropriate.

Preparation of financial forms and documents following university policies and liaison with the Office of Research and Finance.

Grant Life Cycle:  Updates master list of all IQC grants and contacts.  This includes award name, yearly awards, restrictions, reporting requirements and anticipated future funding.

Assists with development of grant proposals for faculty; acquires and compiles application information, liaises with Office of Research and granting agency personnel.  Develops and maintains electronic versions of research grant application forms.

Prepares year end and other progress reports for granting agencies as applicable.  In particular, the $50 Million award from Industry Canada requires extremely detailed reporting and processes to track information must be in place.

Personnel management; prepares payroll forms for co-op students, research assistants and visitors.  Arranges space, equipment, keys, telephone and computer accounts for these individuals.

Meeting arrangements; makes meeting arrangements for assigned faculty, books rooms, notifies participants, arranges refreshments, prepares agenda and takes minutes.


Secondary Responsibilities

Maintains up to date on-line CVs for assigned faculty.  Tracks all publications/citations, collaboration, visits, and presentations for inclusion in updates

Manages travel, accommodation arrangements, and travel claims for assigned faculty, research groups, visitors, and graduate students.  Records these on the Team Driver for tracking of all IQC collaboration.

Processes purchase requisitions for assigned faculty, tracks purchase orders and equipment delivery; reconciles purchases.

Prepares requests for reimbursement for assigned faculty, research assistants and students.

Provides assistance with special projects as assigned.

Working Conditions