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Manager, Marketing and Communications

Date: February, 2015
Reports to (Job Title): Executive Officer, Applied Health Sciences
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): None
Department: Dean of Applieed Health Sciences Office


Main Campus


USG 10
35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

This position is responsible for enhancing the public profile of Applied Health Sciences by strategically positioning the Faculty as a leader in academic and research excellence through creative and effective communications programs.

Often at the leading edge of managing the Faculty’s external reputation, the incumbent works in support of the Director, Media Relations and Issues Management in Marketing and Strategic Communications to develop, execute and evaluate media relations initiatives to increase worldwide impact and recognition of the University of Waterloo. The position is also responsible for an extensive communications portfolio encompassing marketing and branding projects and the delivery of ongoing communications support for advancement-related activities imperative to achieving the Faculty’s strategic goals.

Given the Faculty’s critical, complex relationships with both internal and external stakeholders, the incumbent is responsible, in conjunction with the Director of Media Relations and Issues Management, Marketing and Strategic Communications, for crisis communications requiring time-sensitive, strategic and persuasive messaging related to Applied Health Sciences.

Key Accountabilities:

Planning and budgeting: This position will contribute to the development of a communications strategy within the overall AHS strategic plan and develop the associated budget and implementation plan. The individual will be responsible for maintaining and reporting on metrics related to communications initiatives for regular program evaluation and achievement of Faculty and institutional goals.


Media relations: Reporting to the Director, Media Relations and Issues Management, Marketing and Strategic Communications, the incumbent will be responsible for media relations activities for the Faculty, which will include:


Marketing and branding:  The incumbent will be responsible for positioning the Faculty as a leader in research and academic excellence through the creation of on-brand marketing materials in support of Applied Health Sciences’ strategic priorities.

Development communications: The incumbent will assist with the delivery of advancement programs by producing compelling and strategic communications for development activities imperative to achieving the Faculty’s strategic goals.

Crisis Communications: This position will be accountable, working in support of the Director, Media Relations and Issues Management, Marketing and Strategic Communications, for enhancing the profile, image and reputation of the Faculty in the media and general public. The incumbent participates in and advises on the planning of issues management strategy on confidential matters relating to Applied Health Sciences in order to minimize and manage risk to the Faculty. This includes the assessment of risk and the astute evaluation of the expected media approach to inform the development of strategy and messaging. The incumbent is a member of the University of Waterloo Emergency Communications Team.



Internal Communications:  This position will lead the development and implementation of an effective internal communications program to foster increased information sharing among the Faculty’s three departments and associated research centres.

Position Requirements


Post-secondary degree or diploma in marketing communications, journalism, public relations, writing-centric and/or corporate communications or an equivalent and /or relevant combination of education and experience; Masters level degree an asset.




MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Adobe PhotoShop excel powerpoint other

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Internally, communicates with all employees in all groups and departments and at all levels. Must demonstrate political acuity and be successful at building alliances. Incumbent must be able to effectively manage change and succeed in time sensitive, high-pressure situations with potential for significant public and campus scrutiny and potential for impact on the University's reputation. The incumbent will be required to work closely and collaboratively with Marketing and Strategic Communications and campus-wide marketing and communications colleagues to ensure consistency in institutional messaging and management of university image and reputation through paid and earned media, public relations initiatives and issues/crisis management. The incumbent will need to be able to influence and persuade faculty colleagues to embrace best practices for media relations initiatives.

Externally, this position will have significant contacts with suppliers and community and sector partners and will be involved in conferences and meet ups to advance the strategic communications agenda of the Faculty and at times, the University of Waterloo.

Level of Responsibility:

Decision-Making Authority:

The incumbent is required to exercise superior judgment relying on expert knowledge and ability to make critical decisions quickly while supporting the Director, Media Relations and Issues Management in the delivery of media relations initiatives that best support the University of Waterloo’s strategic priorities and enhance its reputation. The individual must be analytical and insightful, able to quickly assess and interpret complex issues, planned and emerging, and able to develop media relations approaches and public messaging to enhance the institution’s reputation.  

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Minimal demands typical of a position operating within an office environment.

Working Environment:

Moderate exposure to disagreeable conditions typical of a position exposed to stress and pressure associated with management-level responsibilities with significant public and campus scrutiny and potential for impact on the university's reputation. Media inquiries and issues affecting the Faculty occur at any time. As a result, work outside the stated operating hours of UWaterloo normal in this role.