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Manager, Graduate International Agreements and Sponsorships

Date: March 5, 2015
Reports to (Job Title): Associate Director, Graduate Admissions
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): Jobs Reporting
Department: Graduate Studies Office


Main Campus


USG 10
35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

The Manager, Graduate International Agreements and Sponsorships is responsible for managing international graduate agreements, sponsorships and partnerships, and representing the university to high-level stakeholders. The Manager is the primary liaison with representatives from external agencies and governments to support international graduate growth and represents Graduate Studies and the University at internal and external international events. S/he is responsible for tracking the review and authorization processes for international agreements and the dissemination of information to the Faculties and programs.  The incumbent provides analytical support on international application, offer and yield rate data, tuition arrangement categories and funding information pertaining to agreements, and other information to support graduate studies recruitment and senior management decision-making.    

Key Accountabilities:

1.  Manages international graduate agreements, sponsorships and activities

The Manager provides support for the development of new international graduate agreements and renewals and university agreement requirements, participating in the writing and reviewing of all agreements.  This includes research and consultation with the Secretariat & Office of General Counsel, complying with Citizenship and Immigration Canada regulations, following established practices of tuition and financial agreements and advising of non-standard situations.  The impact and risks associated with this detailed work is high as it supports the senior authorization of agreements (Faculty members, Associate Provost Graduate Studies, Director Global Alliances, Associate Vice President International, and the President). The Manager must have knowledge and experience to respond to issues that may arise.  S/he tracks the review and authorization processes for international agreements and the dissemination of information to the Faculties and programs and partners. S/he facilitates a timely review and decision process for sponsored applicants.

2. Represents uWaterloo on committees and to international markets

The Manager serves on university committees that lead to collaborative initiatives for the furthering of internationalization goals. S/he manages meetings with representatives from external agencies and governments and liaises with appropriate individuals. S/he promotes and presents recruitment, application, program, and admission information to visiting international delegates and to prospective international graduate students who are recruited through international agreements and sponsorships.  For external recruitment activity, the Manager engages with faculty, staff, alumni, Student Ambassadors, embassies, consular offices and sponsorship agencies. The Manager provides superior customer service in all oral and written communications, managing confidential issues and providing appropriate, equitable and informed decisions. With the vast cultural diversity of our global community, issues may arise that require cultural sensitivity.



3.Management of project work flow and business practices

The Manager assumes management responsibilities for programs relating to international students, agreements, and sponsorships. S/he provides timely advice on eligibility requirements and regulations to assist in the day-to-day activities of processing international recommendations and scholarships for admissions. S/he provides analytical support on international applications, offer and yield rate data, tuition categories and funding information pertaining to agreements, and other information to support graduate studies recruitment, admissions, and senior management decision-making.  The Manager handles the recruitment of contract employees for assistance, including the interviewing and selection of employees and provides direction and supervisory support.




4.  Understands and applies relevant research and institutional knowledge

The Manager keeps fully informed and knowledgeable about all aspects of agreements, international education systems, admissions, student life and other issues related to international graduate students. This includes all relevant research, communications, recruitment initiatives, and how any changes impact policies and strategies. S/he resolves sponsorship matters relating to international students and provides support on matters relating to agreements.  S/he consults, advises, and participates in the writing of recruitment materials targeted for international audiences. S/he supports the Associate Director, Graduate Admissions for responsibilities pertaining to international applications, precedents for non-standard admission, communications and representation of graduate studies at internal and external events, and meetings.

Position Requirements


University degree or an equivalent combination of education and experience


Knowledge of University and Graduate Studies policies and practices related to recruitment, admissions, academic, enrolment, and graduation records, and international agreements and sponsorships.  Project management skills with ability to manage concurrent projects with tight deadlines; extremely detailed oriented; excellent written and verbal communication skills.


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Advanced Advanced Presentation software - intermediate SharePoint, Quest, OnBase - advanced

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

The Manager exhibits a consistently high level of maturity, professionalism, and credibility to act as uWaterloo’s face-to-face spokesperson with all audiences. S/he maintains awareness of cultural norms, inclusivity, and diversity. When participating in international events, s/he maintains awareness of travel advisories, and sensitivities in targeted markets, and adjusts behaviour, appearance, clothing, and outward expressions of personal beliefs so that uWaterloo can be presented in a professional manner.  Superior customer service is required in all oral and written communications, managing confidential issues, and providing appropriate, equitable and informed decisions.  With the vast cultural diversity of our global community of graduate students and partners, issues may arise that require cultural sensitivity and interaction with applicants and students for whom English is a second language. The Manager communicates with a wide range of departments and groups in order to ensure the successful implementation of international admissions, recruitment, agreements. Externally, s/he communicates with a wide variety of international organizations and high-level governmental and private stakeholders, prospective applicants, and alumni to achieve institutional international enrolment management goals. Significant Internal Relationships: Faculty Members, Associate Provost Graduate Studies, Associate Vice President International, Director Global Alliances, Secretariat, Office of the President, Director Renison University College English Language Institute, Undergraduate Marketing and Recruitment, Finance Student Accounts, Institutional Analysis and Planning, Alumni Relations, Student Success Office, International Experience, Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology (WIN). Significant External Relationships: Domestic and International Universities, Domestic and International Governments (embassies, consular offices, sponsorship agencies), Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE), CALDO (A consortium of Canada’s top research universities),Waterloo Alumni.   

Level of Responsibility:

High - This job has specialized work with minimal supervision and provides guidance to others. The designate is responsible for reviewing agreements, ensuring required legal clauses from the Secretariat and GSO are included, advising the Associate Provost, Waterloo International and supervisors if the agreement can be signed.  Contact with all levels of Waterloo hierarchy;  contact with external agencies, institutions, and universities;  manages a university-wide function/process and specialized process to sustain and enhance the success of international agreements, which has a direct impact on the university’s reputation and achievement of university strategic plans. The Manager may travel internationally, making travel arrangements and securing travel documents, while adhering to budget guidelines and successfully achieving the objectives of the activity. The work done in this position effects the University’s ability to implement strategies, meet international enrolment targets and, in turn, the University’s budget, and succeed in the severe competition for high-caliber master’s and doctoral students.  

Decision-Making Authority:

High - The candidate advises internal and external partners and agencies on the eligibility requirements and regulations, scholarship and agreement policies, and best practices for international graduate recruitment and admissions across the University, adhering to the GSO and Waterloo International Strategic Plans and goals. Continually makes decisions about the most effective methods of operationalizing initiatives for which s/he is responsible, including market research, personal interactions and collaboration, time management, consultation, and other key accountabilities; determines the optimal course of action to solve problems and to exert a positive influence on other stakeholders

Physical and Sensory Demands:

This position requires intense concentration throughout the course of the work day; concentrated use of visual senses; periods of extensive sitting.  

Working Environment:

The incumbent must be sensitive to the often extreme and prolonged stresses due to project-management-level responsibilities, volume, deadlines and demands, and pressure associated with work outside the normal operating hours of the institution. While travelling:  exposure to uncomfortable conditions:  lengthy flights; standing for lengthy periods ranging from 8 to 12 hours; weather conditions - elevated levels of smog , pollution, temperatures; possibility of exposure to political unrest and increased potential for unstable social conditions; difficulties associated with travelling and communicating where English is not the first language; increased stress during travel caused by tight scheduling that maximizes effectiveness in a market and consequent pressure resulting from unplanned events such as travel delays and inclement weather;  requirement to remain physically and mentally alert, enthusiastic, and cheerful under pressure and in unfamiliar environments;  heavy lifting of recruitment materials; additional hours of work and prolonged absences from office and home, necessity of putting personal/social activities on hold.   Psychological Risks:  The Manager must be sensitive to the often extreme and prolonged stresses due to volume, deadlines and demands. This role involves interactions with people who may be upset, abusive, aggressive (e.g. students who have escalated an issue, staff or faculty upset with a decision), irregular and/or high volumes, multiple and/or tight deadlines beyond one's control, and interruptions (e.g. phone calls, e-mails, student assistance at front counter and unplanned but urgent support request throughout the day).