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Assistant Athletic Therapist

Department: Athletics and Recreation Effective Date: May 1, 2012


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Head Athletics Therapist

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the Head Athletic Therapist to provide therapeutic treatments involved in the prevention, immediate care, rehabilitation, and reconditioning of sports injuries sustained by varsity student-athletes at the University. The Head Athletic Therapist reports to the Associate Director, Athletics. The incumbent also provides in-service training , scheduling, and management of all student therapists assigned to football and makes available all therapy services necessary for student-athletes and others participating in the varsity program environment.

Nature and Scope

This person deals directly with external agents and/or agencies such as other Universities, Ontario University Athletics, Canadian Interuniversity Sport, Sport Governing Associations (provincial and national), local physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists, pedorthist, and local hospitals when required. The incumbent must be knowledgeable in University policies and procedures, familiar with University Health and Safety policies and have excellent communication skills, knowledgeable about specific rules and regulations in University Football, conflict management abilities and excellent interpersonal relations skills. Knowledge is also required of Government Health and Safety Regulations,and sport liability issues. He/she will maintain active contact with other OUA and CIS athletic therapists with respect to current policies, procedures and directions affecting student-athletes and others.

All student therapistswill be under the direct supervision of the Assistant Athletic Therapist when assigned to football and at any time in a clinical or field setting.These students are assigned to Varsity teams to assist coaches and athletes through prevention and care of injuries to the athletes in practices and games, at home and away. The students also work in the Athletic Therapy centre with other therapy personnel. The Therapist is available to all athletes and coaches for further consultation, counselling and referral to appropriate health care professionals especially in the areas of nutrition, fitness, exercise, alcohol, drugs, injury management and rehabilitation. This person will distribute, collect, review and, where applicable, refer on to the physician, all Football pre-participation questionnaires and assist in that process with any other varsity student-athletes where assigned by the Head Athletic Therapist. He/she will coordinate the provision for pre-season and in-season testing of concussion baseline evaluations per the direction of the Head Athletic Therapist. The Therapist is responsible for the evaluation, initial management and rehabilitation of all injuries sustained by all student-athletes in the Football program at the University as well as other student-athletes as assigned by the Head Athletic Therapist. This includes on-field emergency care and management of injuries as well as clinical evaluation, management and rehabilitation of injuries to student-athletes in the University varsity program.

This also extends to ensuring proper on-field hydration of the athletes in his/her charge for practices and games. The Therapistmust be present at, and schedule the attendance of a physician at, all home game in high risk sports of Football in season and other sports as assigned by the Head Athletic Therapist. The incumbent also must be either present at practices and home games of other sports, or,appoint a qualified student therapist to these events. Immediate emergency care may include prophylactic and supportive taping, injury assessment, life support, recognition and management of head and spinal injuries, first aid, and/or implementation of the emergency action plan including interaction with the appropriate health care delivery systems such as the local EMS and hospitals. Inventory, set-up and preparation of emergency equipment and supplies also fall within the jurisdiction of the Therapist.

As the Therapist, the incumbent shall assist in the safe participation environments for athletes and student therapists. This includes responsibility for making recommendations to the Facility Manager , and the Associate Director of Athletics  regarding major or minor safety repairs to the facility; instructing student therapists in emergency procedures; advising the Department and student therapists on safe procedures for situations where blood is present; is actively involved in providing input to the Departmental Risk Management Committee.

The incumbent shall also be responsible for the Athletic Therapy Centre records including maintaining a Therapists' manual with policies on procedures and operations; submitting and monitoring staff payroll information; patient records; visiting practitioners (doctors, etc.) files and invoicing. The Therapist shall refer applicable student-athletes onto a physician when needed for further evaluation. The incumbent also schedules appointments off campus for student athletes and/or other campus personnel with physicians, chiropractors and other health care practitioners. In addition, the Therapistis also responsible for the ordering, distribution, and collection of reimbursement for student therapists uniforms, special braces and supports (including fitting and repair of special and custom braces) for athletes, and supplies used for visiting teams or special events requiring clinic services. The Therapist will remain current in the area of clinical modalities, equipment and supplies related to therapy as well as retain contacts with suppliers of said products.

The Therapist shall continue to pursue current knowledge in all related areas via continuing education courses and workshops. He/she will apply the most current best practices related to return to play, injury management and rehabilitation for the student-athletes in his/her care.

Statistical Data

Number of Varsity Student-Athletes = approximately 600-

-  Number of Varsity Student-Athletes (Football)= approximately 90

-  Assistant Athletic Therapist manages approximately 1500 clinic visits per year

-  Responsible for mentoring and managing 4-5 student trainers with Football

-  Approximately 50 volunteer student trainers and Athletic Therapy students

-  Approximately 75 full and part-time coaches in the varsity program

Specific Accountabilities

Reports directly to the Head Athletic Therapist

-  Provides all applicable care including injury prevention, education,  management and rehabilitation for any related injuries to student-athletes in the sport of Football

-  Provides the aforementioned care to other varsity sports as assigned by the Head Athletic Therapist

-  Provides regular updates to coaches related to pertinent injury information about their respective injured student-athletes

-  Completes any pertinent paperwork required to record major injuries requiring activation of EMS for care of injured student-athletes

-  Follows-up with the Head Athletic Therapist when EMS activated

-  Liaisea with other members of the High Performance team in Athletics including the Head Athletic Therapist, Strength and Conditioning coach and Associate Director/Director of Athletics

-  Liaises with the Football Physician and Sport Medicine Physician and any other applicable health care     practitioners

-  Collaborates with AHS-KIN to recruit and train student trainers

-  Provides statistical reports reflecting injury rates, epidemiology, etc. to the Head Athletic Therapist for compilation


Working Conditions

    This person is required to occasionally lift greater than 50 lbs

-  This person is required to work various hours throughout the day including mornings, afternoons and evenings

-  Required to attend all practices and games - Football

-  Required to cover other events as directed by the Head Athletic Therapist

-  Required to cover events in various environments- indoor, outdoor, arenas, courts, fields

-  Required to work in various temperatures- cold, hot, humid, etc.