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Marketing Outreach Co-ordinator

Date: June 30, 2015
Reports to (Job Title): Marketing Outreach Manager
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): Outreach Events Associate (co-op student)
Department: Cooperative Education & Career Action


Main Campus


35 hrs/wk

Primary Purpose

In alignment with the targets, metrics and priorities set by the marketing strategy and the business development tactical plan, the Marketing Outreach Co-ordinator supports the relevant outreach plan for new employer lead generation as well as maintenance and growth of existing employers. This role will facilitate key collaboration-rich relationships both internal and

external to the University.


Specifically, the main objectives for this position are to support marketing outreach activities for business development, employer retention and employer recognition plans. This role is accountable for managing the logistics for marketing activities including research, events, tradeshows and conferences, the inventory of marketing materials within a defined budget. This role will also research additional business development or employer engagement opportunities and ways to optimize our time and resources. Data entry and tracking of leads generated by marketing activities and other-related support for job development will be required.


With guidance from the Marketing Outreach Manager, the Marketing Outreach Co-ordinator will produce regular reports on the value of the above-mentioned marketing activities. In addition, the Co-ordinator will input expenses and monitor the CECA Communications & Marketing annual budget ledger including the identification of cost-saving opportunities.


The Marketing Outreach Co-ordinator reports to the Marketing Outreach Manager and supports an effective and creative employer engagement plan inclusive of a recognition program and ongoing,dialogue-based employer engagement activities to achieve CECA goals and build employer loyalty and retention.

Key Accountabilities:

1.  Support targeted events and outreach in alignment with the marketing strategy and business development tactical plan.


2.  Support the implementation of the employer engagement plan inclusive of a recognition framework and related activities in alignment with the strategic marketing and communications plan and priorities.




3.  Support additional employer engagement activities that add value to the employer experience




4.  Monitor and track the Communications & Marketing team budget ledger and identify cost saving opportunities





5.  Manage the procurement and effective use of marketing materials and manage the inventory ofmaterials

Position Requirements


University undergraduate degree in communications or marketing, social sciences, human resources or related discipline



MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Advanced: Full functional  ability to use the features of Word with no training. Average: Use of basic excel functionality in spreadsheet format: data entry, use of formulas, creation of charts etc Advanced: The ability to create branded presentations utilizing the full functionality and features of PowerPoint such animation and embedded exported media files within a presentation Advanced: Full functional ability to utilize social media channels effectively

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

The Marketing Outreach Co-ordinator has a service-oriented, can-do attitude and willingness to learn, as well as excellent time and budget management, organizational and administrative capabilities such as maintaining an events calendar, managing the marketing material

inventory, placing orders and liaising with vendors. The Marketing Outreach Co-ordinator has an exceptionally high tolerance for multi-tasking,tight deadlines and multiple projects, and is flexible to changing demands and tolerant of multiple priorities and ambiguity. With an approachable manner and strong team work ethic, the Marketing Outreach Co-ordinator is a strong collaborator.

Level of Responsibility:

The Marketing Outreach Co-ordinator has defined specialized or routine tasks and receives specific guidance about the requirements for tradeshow/events, marketing materials production, etc. The Marketing Outreach Co-ordinator will supervise or provide guidance to a co-op student working on marketing initiatives, and is required to contribute whenever required for various activities such as the Student of the Year Awards. The Marketing Outreach Co-ordinator will be accountable for processing and monitoring leads within a contact management system.


Problem solving:

The Marketing Outreach Co-ordinator will be required to resolve issues. Some examples include the successful solution for a staff member arriving to an event with no booth location and external materials when they arrive.


Financial Accountability

The Marketing Outreach Co-ordinator will manage the expenses associated with event production, outreach activities and employer recognition and engagement activities. The Co­ ordinator will also input expenses and monitor the general budget ledger for the Communications & Marketing team and will be responsible for identifying cost-saving opportunities.


Internal and External Contacts


The Marketing Outreach Co-ordinator connects with many units within CECA and co-workers across the university (Office of Advancement, Research, Strategic Communications and Marketing, Marketing and Undergraduate Recruitment etc.)



The Marketing Outreach Co-ordinator works closely with conference organizers and negotiates with external vendors to ensure the best value and quality for the expenditure. The Marketing


Outreach Co-ordinator also investigates speaking opportunities and other ways that CECA can promote the hiring of students.

Decision-Making Authority:

The Marketing Outreach Co-ordinator makes recommendations for reducing costs and negotiates with vendors and orders material at the best cost for value. The Marketing Outreach Co-ordinator prepares and monitors the budget for events and marketing promotional materials in addition to maintaining the team's master budget document. The Marketing Outreach Co-ordinator develops, implements and improves effectiveness for processes in budget management, inventory management, marketing promotional materials or event production.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

This role requires exertion of physical or sensory effort resulting in moderate fatigue, strain or risk of injury.

Working Environment:

This role involves occasional travel for marketing events, occasional unusual hours or schedules due to event-driven deadlines, lack of control over work pace due to externally-driven deadlines, occasional irregular and/or high volumes and multiple and/or tight deadlines beyond one's control due to marketing or business development project deadlines, and constant interruptions due to phone and email.