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Visitor Program Coordinator

Department: Institute for Quantum Computing Effective Date: May, 2014


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Assistant Director, Administration

General Accountability

The mandate of the Visitor Committee is to attract, collaborate with, or evaluate, visitors that are qualified in the quantum information-processing field. Visitors range from undergraduate research assistants to Nobel Prize winners, and travel to Waterloo from all over the world. Visitors may have backgrounds in industry, academia, or government. The goal of the Visitor Program is to aid in achieving IQC strategic objectives:

The Visitor Program Coordinator is responsible for upholding the mandate of the Visitor Committee while competently managing all arrangements (immigration, UW -- departmental -- procedural, travel, speaking, meetings, etc.) for IQC visitors.

Nature and Scope

Supervisory Duties


The Visitor Program Coordinator is responsible for overseeing another staff member who assists him/her with some of the Visitor Program administration. The Visitor Program Coordinator is also responsible for supervising cleaning and maintenance staff at the IQC apartments.


Key Accountabilities


This position is responsible for the development, and subsequent application, of procedures, goals, and directives designed to assist visitors in travelling to IQC safely, legally, and without worry. The Visitor Program Coordinator can expect to manage at least 200 visits per year. 

Statistical Data


Specific Accountabilities


IQC apartments:

IQC manages three apartments that are used to house IQC visitors. The Visitor Program Coordinator is responsible for:


Payroll Transactions



Seminars and Colloquiums

Aside from making travel arrangements for invited speakers, the Visitor Program Coordinator is responsible for advertising and marketing of IQC weekly colloquiums and seminar presentations. Basic knowledge of adobe illustrator is needed for this. Visitor Program Coordinator must book seminars and collect abstracts for publication.  


Other Duties

Other duties are many and varied. Expectations for constant interruption and last minute requests are very high. Unusual requests must be met with professionalism and commitment to the spirit of the Visitor Program mandate, no matter how difficult or disruptive. The Visitor Program Coordinator must be able to think quickly and be a highly effective communicator to solve difficult problems that can arise at a moment’s notice.


Significant internal and external relationships for this position include, but are not limited to:









Visitor budget - $120 000 - 2013

Apartment - $34 500 - 2013

Working Conditions