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Project Manager

Department: Canadian Index of Wellbeing (CIW) Effective Date: February 2011
Grade: USG 10 Reports to: Director, CIW

General Accountability

The Project Manager is accountable to the Director of the Canadian Index of Wellbeing (CIW).The incumbent will demonstrate vision, leadership, and good judgement for a project that continues to evolve, and will participate in the planning, development, implementation, and maintenance of a varied and growing list of activities as per grants and/or contracts with external funding agencies.The position requires a highly motivated and independent or self-directed individual to work in a creative/entrepreneurial team environment.The successful applicant will work collaboratively with a cross-functional team of internal stakeholders (CIW staff, uWaterloo staff, and professors) as well as a pan-Canadian network of researchers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community organizations, government, high profile civic society leaders, the public, and international partners, to achieve the goals and objectives of the project. This is a leadership team position. As the project grows over the next few years, this person will have a hand in the strategic direction of the project and will help develop revenue generating programmes to ensure sustainability and knowledge translation.

Nature and Scope

The Canadian Index of Wellbeing (CIW) project has a national mandate. The vision of the CIW is to enable all Canadians to share in the highest wellbeing status by identifying, developing and publicizing statistical measures that offer clear, valid and regular reporting on progress toward wellbeing outcomes Canadians seek as a nation. It is the only national wellbeing measurement system in Canada and has been in development since 1999 under the leadership of the Atkinson Charitable Foundation. As of January 2011, the CIW is part of the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences under the direction of Dr. Bryan Smale.

The CIW is a new and better way of measuring the quality of life in Canada. It addresses the fact that Canada currently lacks a single, national instrument for tracking and reporting on our overall quality of life. Therefore, we are unable to track whether public policies are contributing to the creation of a better or worse society for Canadians now and in the future. The CIW will stimulate discussion about the types of policies and programmes that have an impact on quality of life and can move Canada towards achieving a better state of wellbeing for all of its citizens. The CIW is also part of a global movement through its well-developed relationships with the OECD’s project on measuring societal progress.  The CIW is a pioneer in wellbeing indicator work and is mentoring other countries starting their own national quality of life initiatives.

The CIW collaborates and partners with leaders in research, policy, and knowledge transfer practice across Canada and internationally. With the framework for the Index nearing completion and a high profile release scheduled for 2011, the focus is to continue research on all aspects of the CIW’s wellbeing framework and to measure and report on trends over time. The CIW also will create, develop, and implement knowledge translation and mobilisation opportunities for users in universities, government, and civic society.

Statistical Data

More than a decade of research and $3.5M has already been spent developing a rigorous methodology and applying the best available data sources, with Statistics Canada’s support. The CIW has committed funding of $925K for 2011 to 2013, not including in-kind contribution from AHS for office space and administrative support. In addition, the CIW is one of two identified priority fund development projects in AHS. Resources are in place to support an aggressive plan to raise an endowment of $25M to ensure a sustainable future with an optimal annual operating budget of approximately $1M. The Project Manager will have an entrepreneurial flair to help develop revenue generating programmes to ensure sustainability and knowledge translation

The CIW staff complement is currently one (1) Director and one (1) Project Manager on casual contract. Please note that an Associate Director position will be posted in the near future. There are numerous individuals that provide in-kind services affiliated with the CIW, including a pan-Canadian Research Advisory Group (CRAG) of approximately 50 researchers, an International Advisory Group, and an Advisory Board of highly respected Canadian leaders and experts in various aspects of the CIW project. The Project Manager will have highly developed interpersonal and management skills to meet the needs of this diverse and critical network of experts.

This position is contingent upon funding.

Specific Accountabilities

Project Administration: Supervision, Mentorship, Leadership Research and Evaluation Communication/knowledge translation CIW Network Management

CIW Advisory Board

CIW Canadian Research Advisory and International Advisory Groups

Working Conditions

This position involves office work in a comfortable indoor area. Flexible working arrangement, primarily onsite but with provision for working remotely and/or for working some non-standard hours. Time onsite is spent at an ergonomically appropriate work station with suitable computing equipment and accessories. There are frequent opportunities for meetings and interaction with co-workers. The work is varied. There are deadline pressures and a demand for thoroughness and accuracy.Extended hours and travel are occasionally required.