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Client Support Specialist

Department: Institute for Quantum Computing Effective Date: September, 2011

USG 7-9

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Manager, Information Technology, IQC

General Accountability

Reporting to the Manager, Information Technology, Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC), the Client Support Specialist provides a wide range of information technology services and direct support to the faculty, visiting scholars, researchers, staff and students of the Institute for Quantum Computing. In addition, the Client Support Specialist also provides primary direct information technology support to the Quantum NanoFabrication facility located in the Mike & Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum-Nano Centre.

Nature and Scope

The Client Support Specialist function is responsible for providing information technology services, support, consulting and training to all resident members of IQC and to the operational staff of the Quantum NanoFab facility. The key services include, the diagnostic and resolution of hardware, software and connectivity problems, account management, software licensing management, personal workstation preparation/deployment, consultation, recommendation, procurement and assembly of module-level computing hardware. The Client Support Specialist also creates end-user learning materials to supplement the routine use of IQC’s information technology systems. Requests for these services are received via multiple vectors which include e-mail, telephone and walk-in traffic. An integral member of the IQC Information Technology Team, the Client Support Specialist actively participates in day-to-day planning with support from the Manager, Information Technology. Due to the breath and depth of knowledge required by this role, the successful Client Support Specialist will have a minimum of 3 years of related work experience.

Statistical Data

IQC comprises 8 scientific areas of focus, with 18 faculty, 4 research assistant professors, 37 postdoctoral fellows, 74 graduate students, 35 research assistants, 16 long-term visitors and 23 administrative support personnel. Faculty and student numbers are slated to significantly increase in the next several years.

IQC faculty are engaged in leading-edge research, with a range of collaborators and partners, with over 100 active grants and contracts. Research funds awarded during the past fiscal year amounted to over $25 million. IQC has also received $50 million from Industry Canada and nearly $70 million from different granting agencies within the Government of Ontario, adding to the significant original investment of over $100 million from Mike Lazaridis.

The Quantum NanoFabrication facility located in the Mike & Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum-Nano Centre, is a University resource shared between the Institute for Quantum Computing and the Nanotechnology Institute, with members from 3 faculties and 7 departments.

Information Technology is deployed throughout the Institute and the Quantum NanoFab facility and is an important success enabler for the members. The unique nature of IQC and the Quantum NanoFab facility, presents requests which are non-routine in nature and require consistent closure as an outcome of collaborative problem solving, reasoned judgment and co-ordinated actions executed in a timely fashion.


Specific Accountabilities



Communication and Teaching



Working Conditions

The working environment is highly team oriented, with the emphasis being placed upon building strong complementary working relationships through the practise of open communication, continual improvement and achieving timely results.

Physical Effort

Physical Environment

Sensory Requirements

Mental Stress

Must be able to cope with the pressure to independently and consistently acquire and apply technical knowledge while under time sensitive demands.