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Research Assistant-Cardiovascular Aging and Cognitive/Motor Function

Department: Kinesiology Effective Date: May, 2009


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Professor Richard Hughson

General Accountability

The research assistant will report to Professor Richard Hughson and to the other investigators on the research proposal: Drs. Fernandes, Heckman, Roy, and Tyas. The assistant will be responsible for the operation of a research project “The relationship of cardiovascular health indicators with frontal-executive cognitive and motor function with aging”. This is a 3-year grant funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research. The research assistant will be involved in all aspects of recruitment, and data collection and management, and will assist in managing the budget for the project

Nature and Scope

A research assistant is required to work with a multidisciplinary research team on a project funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research. The research assistant must be completely comfortable working with older, healthy adults, and providing guidance to graduate and undergraduate research assistants. A scientific or medical profession background such as a registered nurse or occupational therapist would be a major asset along with the willingness to learn new skills required for successful data collection. Job responsibilities will include all aspects from participant recruitment to data management including coordinating appointments and subsequent health status screening to determine the ability of the participant to continue with the further phases of testing. Extensive data sets will be collected from each participant including blood samples, non-invasive cardiovascular measurements including ultrasound imaging and blood pressure measurements, and a battery of cognitive and motor tests. Basic computer skills and the ability to learn to use new software are essential. The data sets will be processed by the research assistant and by students working with the assistant and the faculty supervisors. Testing will be conducted in the laboratories at the University of Waterloo as well as in off-campus locations primarily associated with the RBJ Schlegel-University of Waterloo Research Institute for Aging (RIA). It is essential that the applicant have his/her own transportation to reach the work sites.

Statistical Data

CIHR Research Grant per year for 3 years $100,000 per year, approximately $20,000 per year for supplies
Work with faculty researchers 5 faculty member collaborators
Work with and assist student assistants 3-5 students per year will work on project
Conduct tests on elderly adults Anticipated total of >150 over 3 years

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions

Research will be conducted in laboratories in the Faculties of Applied Health Sciences and Arts at the University of Waterloo, in the facilities of the RBJ Schlegel-University of Waterloo Research Institute for Aging (RIA) located in Southern Ontario, and possibly in other retirement residences. The Research Assistant will normally be working with other team members as aspects of the data collections will require more than one person for success. The job will require working under different conditions from the laboratory to computer stations.