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Fine Arts Studio/Media Technician

Department: Fine Arts Effective Date: January, 2009


17.5 hr/wk

Reports to: Chair

General Accountability

The Fine Arts Media/Studio Technician is accountable to the Department Chair for managing the daily operations of the department workshops, media equipment, and computers. S/he designs, fabricates and maintains equipment for studios and other classrooms, the art galleries, lecture rooms, and offices, and provides technical assistance to the faculty, staff and students in the Department of Fine Arts.

Nature and Scope

The Department of Fine Arts has three distinct academic fields: Art History, Film Studies, and Studio. The Fine Arts Media/Studio Technician provides support required by students and faculty using the Department’s traditional and digital photography facilities, computer labs and media arts studios. S/he acts as a resource to students and instructors using the equipment. The Media/Studio Technician is responsible for maintenance, installation and monitoring of the darkroom, media arts studio and computer lab, and manages the department’s digital photography, video and lighting equipment. The Technician is responsible for ordering and installing software and managing updates in the computer lab and makes recommendations on necessary changes and acquisitions to these studios and labs. S/he distributes specialized equipment to students as required and assists and supervises students in the proper use of the media equipment.

Statistical Data

Number of regular faculty members 8
Sessional instructors:   2 - 10 per term
Sessional instructors:   4
Student monitors:   4 - 8 per term
Graduate studio (lab) assistants:  1 - 4 per term
Graduate TAs:   4 per two terms
Visiting artists/speakers per term: Several
Academic fields in the Department: 3:Art History, Film Studio, Studuios
Size of operating budget:  $55,881
Size of workshop/studio budget:  $3,000
Computer labs:   1
Number of Fine Arts majors (2007-08):  est. 100
Course enrolments (2007-08):    1,400 (over two terms)

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions