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Research Technician 

Department: Kinesiology Effective Date: October, 2008


37.5 hr/wk

Reports to: Dr. Jim Rush

General Accountability

The incumbent will be an active member of the research team working in Dr. Jim Rush’s lab assisting with various research related activities.

Nature and Scope

Dr. Jim Rush is a faculty member in Kinesiology (Canada Research Chair) with an active research lab in cardiovascular physiology.  The incumbent will provide technical support for a variety of ongoing research projects including both human and animal models.

Statistical Data

Dr. Jim Rush is a Canada Research Chair in the Kinesiology Dept. with an active research program funded by a variety of supporting agencies.  He typically has 3-5 graduate students working under his supervision.

Specific Accountabilities

.  Physiological and biochemical procedures in animal cardiovascular research laboratory including vascular myography-isolated conduit and resistance artery functional experiments, isolated perfused heart preparations, blood pressure acquisition, tissue analyses, sample and solution preparation, laboratory support for such procedures. 

2.  Coordination of general laboratory activities ordering, and administrative management and operation of laboratory activities.

3.  Other duties as required to support the research activities of Dr. Jim Rush, his research associates and students.

Working Conditions

The incumbent will be working in Dr. Rush’s research lab located within the Dept of Kinesiology as well as other common spaces for Kinesiology faculty involved in  physiology research.