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Lab Technician

Department: Kinesiology Effective Date: May, 2008


37.5 hr/wk

Reports to: Dr. Stu McGill, lead researcher

General Accountability

The research technician is accountable to Dr. Stu McGill, lead researcher in the Spine Biomechanics lab, for the day to day activities in this research area including data collection, analysis, equipment set up and maintenance and administrative activities for the lab.   

Nature and Scope


Statistical Data

The Spine Biomechanics Lab is one of the research labs in the Dept of Kinesiology.  While the research technician will be working primarily in the research lab, they will be considered a member of the Kinesiology staff and will have the opportunity to participate in Department wide activities.  The Kinesiology Department can be described as follows:


Number of full time and part time UG students


Number of Graduate Students


Spine Biomechanics annual funding


Number of Faculty members             


Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions

The research technician will work primarily in the Spine Biomechanics lab and the Human performance lab in the Department of Kinesiology in BMH.  They may also be required to work in different locations as necessary for various research protocols.  The technician will have a desk and computer in the research lab as a base for their work. All equipment necessary will be provided to the technician.  In addition, they will have access to the workshop area if needed.