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Associate Director

Department: Centre for Knowledge Integration Effective Date: June, 2008

USG 10

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Director, Centre for Knowledge Integration

General Accountability

The Associate Director reports to the Director of the Centre for Knowledge Integration, supervises the CKI Administrative Assistant and works closely with the Waterloo Unlimited Program Director and Program Coordinator as part of the larger CKI team.

Nature and Scope

The Centre for Knowledge Integration is home to two unique programs: the Bachelor of Knowledge Integration undergraduate program and Waterloo Unlimited, a one-of-a-kind high school enrichment program.  BKI’s first class will arrive in September 2008, with approximately 40 students, two faculty members and one full-time staff member.  Steady-state, there will be approximately 90 students per year, 10 faculty and 3 or 4 full-time staff.  Waterloo Unlimited is a high school enrichment and outreach program for students of exceptional potential.  It operates year-round, running week-long, multi-day and single day programs for high school students as well as day programs for high school teachers and has from two to eight part-time staff. 

The Associate Director will control the finances for the Centre, manage and track time off and vacation for CKI staff and faculty, offer advice and support during recruitment cycles, organise admissions and provide some academic advising.

Significant Internal and External Relationships include staff, faculty members and students within CKI, other academic departments, Faculty of Environment Office of the Dean, departments in other faculties, the Registrar’s Office, high school teachers and guidance counsellors as well as prospective students and their families.

Statistical Data

Approximate number of undergraduate students per year

80 – 100





Waterloo Unlimited Program Staff (full and part time)


Specific Accountabilities

Financial (CKI)

Human Resources Management (CKI)

Marketing and Recruitment Support (BKI & WU)

Admissions (BKI & WU)

Program Support (WU)

Academic Advising (BKI)

Working Conditions

In a typical term, most of the work day is spent in a private office within the Centre for Knowledge Integration hallway, surrounded by other CKI and Waterloo Unlimited staff offices.  For the entire month of July, many of the CKI staff members shift gears to work on the Shad Valley enrichment program.  This is a month-long live-in enrichment experience that requires a four week full-time commitment from staff.  The Associate Director acts as the Program Manager for Shad Valley Waterloo.