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Co-ordinator, Living-Learning Communities

Department: Housing and Resisdences Effective Date: June 2011


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Manager, Living-Learning

General Accountability

The Co-ordinator, Living-Learning Communities is accountable to the Manager, Living-Learning for the implementation and co-ordination of living-learning and academic programs in all University of Waterloo residence communities.   The incumbent is also responsible for functioning in areas of student development, staff development, programming, and administrative capacities.

Nature and Scope

Reporting to the Manager, Living-Learning are: the Co-ordinator, Living-Learning Communities (2), the Co-ordinator, Desk Services and Living-Learning Administration, and 50-100 Peer Leaders and student staff.

Living-Learning is the fundamental philosophy driving our residence experience based on student development theory and a relationship-based model of residence life which is in place to encourage and facilitate the institutional priorities of student success and engagement.

The Co-ordinator, Living-Learning Communities is responsible for implementing all aspects of academic content in University of Waterloo residences. These include, but are not limited to, development of programs, student staff supervision and training, evaluation and assessment of program, implementing marketing strategies, and monitoring and updating online content. 

This position will work closely with all areas of the Housing and Residences team to contribute to the advancement of the Department’s goals of active living and learning environments for residence students.  Building a close working relationship with the Residence Life Management Team will be required for success in this role.  Additionally, the incumbent will work in partnership with the Admissions and Marketing team to coordinate the placement of students, as well as marketing and communication to both future and current students.

The Co-ordinator oversees the implementation of academic and Living-Learning programs, as well as student success plans, targeted to their assigned communities. The types of programs are customized to the specific communities.  The incumbent must be flexible to work with their assigned faculties/partners to create new, and revise existing, programs to best meet the goals of Living-Learning.  This necessitates using current research and best practices in undergraduate education, living-learning communities, and adult learning principles as a foundation. The goal is to create residence programs, targeted to specific student groups that succeed in engaging current and prospective residents in opportunities that support academic success and learning outside the classroom.

Collaborative working relationships with academic and service-oriented areas on and off campus will allow the Co-ordinator to oversee effective co-ordination and marketing of these programs, such as academic clusters and community programming.  The Coordinator will have frequent interaction with members of the Undergraduate Offices of various faculties, faculty members, as well as academic support staff in various faculties.  The incumbent will need to take initiative, be creative and flexible, and possess the ability to work closely with and lead others. 

Statistical Data

The Department of Housing and Residences is an ancillary operation which must maintain its fiscal viability by remaining competitive and effectively marketing its services. The Coordinator is responsible for an expense budget of approximately $5000 per year.

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions