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Marketing and Communications Manager

Date: October 1, 2014
Reports to (Job Title): Director
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Department: Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre


Accelerator Centre (295 Hagey Blvd, Suite 240)


USG 10
35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

The Marketing and Communications Manager (The Manager) will provide leadership to all of Conrad’s strategic marketing and communication objectives as they pertain to recruitment for three graduate programs and two undergraduate programs, and the definition, development and maintenance of a strong global brand for entrepreneurship education.  The Manager will also demonstrate leadership in advancing Conrad’s strategic goals with respect to its external relationships; these include alumni, mentors and coaches, and both local and national entrepreneurship and business communities.

Key Accountabilities:

1.  Provide leadership and vision to develop, implement, coordinate and monitor comprehensive marketing, communication and recruitment strategies to ensure that Conrad achieves its goals of:

the overall external and internal relationship-building and maintenance activities of Conrad.  These interconnected leadership responsibilities clearly involve Conrad’s alumni, and leadership in this respect involves engagement, strategic planning and coordination with the alumni and advancement professionals in the Faculty of Engineering and the broader university, and great autonomy of judgment and decision-making.


2.  Review, develop, produce and distribute effective marketing information and dissemination systems.



3.  Market research including identification, monitoring and data analysis of national and regional trends, conducting communications audits, competition analysis, and utilizing these findings to develop recruiting, marketing and communication strategies and the dissemination of this information to others at Conrad and Waterloo at large.



4.  Autonomously develop ongoing expertise and stay current in a changing media and social media landscape.




5.  Accountable for the marketing and communication budget (development, monitoring, accountability, revision).




6.  Approve official Conrad communications.



7.  Build relationships within the Faculty of Engineering and the wiser university in support of the entrepreneurship education objectives of Conrad and UW.




8.  Accountable for hiring and direct supervision of communications staff people and exercising influence over the communications activities of all other staff and faculty within Conrad.




9.  Act as the primary media contact for all external media inquiries, providing counsel for projects in collaboration with all external stakeholders, autonomously fostering and managing relationships with relevant media outlets with which Conrad interacts, and aspires to interact.

Position Requirements


University degree, preferably in a field related to marketing and communications (communications, journalism, public relations, English).  Masters degree preferred, as graduate level proficiency is a requirement of the role.


Six plus years of relevant marketing and communications leadership experience.  Demonstrated experience as a communications strategist.  Proven expertise in independently developing and implementing integrated marketing and communication plans for multiple audiences.  Demonstrated ability to incorporate both traditional and new communications technologies in strategic initiatives.  Extensive experience in writing corporate communications, advertising, and marketing materials.  Extensive editorial experience, with both print and electronic communications.  Superior written and oral communication skills.  Excellent human relations skills; outstanding ability to build constructive team relationships and to foster and manage relationships with ability to build constructive team relationships and to foster and manage relationships with internal and external stakeholders.  Proven ability to manage a large volume of work, conflicting priorities and deadlines.  To be effective in this role, the Manager must be a strategic thinker and possess proven ability in developing and executing marketing and communication strategies in a highly professional manner.  The Manager must possess direct experience in integrating marketing and communication strategies.  Further, the Manager must have the ability to integrate new and traditional technologies and tools to deliver strategic, tactical and day-to-day marketing and communication initiatives.


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Intermediate – insert tables, more advanced formatting and embedding of other documents and pictures Basic – ability to open and save files, use simple formulas such as the addition of a column of numbers Intermediate – develop action driven slides, embedding other objects such as Word or other PowerPoint documents. Advanced skills in social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite, Instagram, Storify, LinkedIn); Advanced capacity for content management systems, new media and electronic research tools.

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

The Manager’s responsibilities are wide ranging and team-oriented.  As such, the incumbent must maintain productive internal and external working relationships.  The primary internal group would include the Director, Associate Directors, faculty and staff of Conrad; leaders and administrators within the Faculty of Engineering; Office of the VP of External Relations; faculty based recruitment personnel, Creative Services, Marketing and Strategic Communications.  Just as important are the external working relationships with the external entrepreneurship, business and technology communities, and Conrad’s extensive and global alumni network.  Some of these relationships are formal and well defined (e.g., Conrad’s Advisory Council), others are less formal and the creation of coherence if part of the responsibility of the Manager.  The Manager must be comfortable building new relationships in high profile networking contexts.

Level of Responsibility:

Direct supervision of others.  The job has specialized work with minimal supervision and has direct reports reporting to it.  Further, great capacity to influence a broad network of professionals and academics without director authority is required.  The Manager must be able to act as a representative of Conrad both internally and externally on a national and international level.  The Manager must be able to take initiative with little or no supervisory input.  Establishes goals in consultation with the Director.

Decision-Making Authority:

Authority to purchase consulting and marketing services, publications, outreach pieces and media ads.  The Manager has ultimate responsibility for the marketing budget of Conrad.  The Manager is a key part of the senior leadership team of the Centre, and suggests program modifications and participates in the development of the Centre’s strategic goals as necessary and helpful.  The Manager is the point person for the development and refinement of Conrad’s brand.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Extensive sitting and concentrated and attentive use of the computer.  Requires exertion of physical or sensory effort resulting in slight risk of repetitive strain injury.  The position requires the balancing of conflicting demands and deadlines while accommodating interruptions to deal with pressing issues as they arise.

Working Environment:

Conditions typical of an office environment.  Some evening and weekend hours required.  Periodic travel as Conrad’s representative is required.