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Marketing and Communications Co-ordinator

Department: UW Food Services Effective Date: June 2012


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Director, Food Services

General Accountability

Reporting to the Director, Food Services, this position is responsible for the research, development, co-ordination and promotion of services and products offered by Food Services to both current and prospective students, faculty staff and visitors. The incumbent will identify, develop and recommend the strategic direction of integrated communication, social media, web page and digital signage content. The Co-ordinator, Marketing and Communications is responsible to develop, implement and monitor strategic marketing initiatives designed to maximize the financial potential of Food Services and ensure objectives and goals are achieved. This includes executing marketing plans for trade shows, conventions, seminars, unit promotions and other events. Supports the marketing and merchandising of existing and new products and services within the units. Coordinates advertising, marketing, communications, and public relations efforts as it pertain to unit level promotions and collaborates with various university committees on UW events.  Furthermore, the incumbent will be the primary contact for the department for customer service issues and department marketing resources.


Nature and Scope

The department’s vision is to cultivate, nurture and promote excellence of food services for all members of the University community through quality, growth and innovation.  UW Food Services is an ancillary operation which must maintain its fiscal viability by remaining competitive, effectively marketing its own services, providing customers with nutritious and satisfying foods at a fair price, and strategically targeting the customer base with entertaining promotions, theme events and new products.


As a member of the UW Food Services Leadership team, the incumbent will work closely with the Leadership team, Unit Mangers, Area Managers, and Chefs to develop and implement effective marketing plans and strategies that raise the levels of customer awareness while enlivening and energizing UW Food Services.


The incumbent must be knowledgeable about current and prospective students, current social media and be a strategic thinker with an understanding of the importance of integrating our marketing initiatives and strategies. The Co-ordinator, Marketing and Communication must have the foresight to recommend progressive improvements and initiatives to keep our marketing strategies and promotions fresh and competitive.  The incumbent will also quantify marketing efforts and results to ensure all goals are achieved.

The Co-ordinator, Marketing and Communications will develop strategic communication initiatives to strengthen staff relationships within our Department and the University. Current print materials, digital media and web communications must be developed, written, edited and produced to high standards to reflect well on the Department and sustain customer readership.

A great degree of maturity, judgement, patience and confidentiality is required.  Familiarity with University policies and procedures and of the department is essential to providing effective service.

 The Co-ordinator, Marketing and Communications is responsible to have a strong understanding of the University branding and the knowledge to integrate new and existing Food Services branding concepts. The Co-ordinator, Marketing and Communications is directly responsible for chairing or attending various internal committees pertaining to merchandising and marketing, and will represent Food Services on a variety of university committees, including the Food Advisory Board (FAB) and Residence Council that contributes to the department’s marketing strategies.   

Statistical Data

UW Food Services offers dining services to all students, staff, faculty and guests of the University of Waterloo through 20 units on campus.  The departments’ budget is estimated at $21 million with the two major expenses being food cost and wages.

Specific Accountabilities



Supervisory Accountabilities


Marketing and Customer Services Assistant; assists with all aspects of department marketing, promotions and events with a dedicated focus on department events including staff initiatives, training, department newsletters.  Assists in management of inventories for props, office supplies, and Piece of Home (POH) operation.  Responsible for the POH program from new concepts, development, advertising and operation and reconciliation.  


Working Conditions