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SEEPAC Equipment Pool Manager

Department: Centre for Sight Enhancement – School of Optometry Effective Date: July, 2009


37.5 hr

Reports to: Administrator, Centre for Sight Enhancement

General Accountability

The SEEPAC Equipment Pool Manager is accountable to the Administrator, Centre for Sight Enhancement and is responsible for the supervision of the SEEPAC Technician, the SEEPAC Shipper/Receiver, casual part time assistants and all materials management for the SEEPAC inventory and service departments.

Nature and Scope

The SEEPAC Equipment Pool Manager reports to the CSE Administrator, who manages the SEEPAC contract and other staff involved in this activity; a database administrator, two high technology assessment specialists as well as part-time clerical assistants. Clinical low vision services within the CSE are provided by faculty optometrists with specialty training and experience in the low vision field. The CSE Administrator also supervises support staff in the clinical area; the appointment co-ordinator, counsellor, low vision therapist, secretary and part-time clerical support assistants. Both the SEEPAC project and the clinical support services are funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.


The School of Optometry Clinic provides a clinical facility for the education of Optometry undergraduates, graduate students and residents at the University of Waterloo. It also provides a comprehensive Optometric service to the general public through a University-based clinic seeing approximately 30,000 patients annually.


The Centre for Sight Enhancement (CSE) is a semi-autonomous clinical research and teaching facility within the School of Optometry. It is involved exclusively with activities related to the assessment and rehabilitation of visual disorders, visual impairments, visual disabilities and visual handicaps. The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care’s Assistive Devices Program (ADP), program provides partial funding for prescribed low vision aids and has designated the CSE to provide high technology assessment and authorization services to Ontario residents. In addition, the CSE operates the provincial equipment pool for these devices through the Sight Enhancement Equipment Pool and Assessment Centre (SEEPAC) project. 


The SEEPAC Equipment Pool Manager position is in place to provide overall direction and supervision of the SEEPAC Technician, Shipper/Receiver and part-time assistant(s) The Manager is responsible for decision-making associated with storage (floor space usage) both on campus and offsite, disposition of broken or obsolete equipment (for parts, e-waste,  or sale) to maximize available warehouse space. Annual inventory of the total SEEPAC project inventory as well as routine interim inventory is coordinated by the Equipment Pool Manager, working closely with the Database Administrator. The Manager will be responsible for developing and maintaining procedures and documentation for processes, including manufacturers warranty work and fee for service repair work in addition to overseeing these activities.  The Manager is responsible for ordering and entering releases on the UW Financial System and reconciling these orders with the subsequent positive approval of the associated invoices. The Manager will work closely with the Oracle Database Administrator to design and develop the various reports required for Ministry reporting as well as to improve the functionality of the database as a tool for equipment pool management.  Responsibility for maintaining all records related to equipment receipt and shipping (both from UW and our off-site storage location) rest with the Manager as these documents are audited annually. The Manager will be responsible for overseeing data entry associated with SEEPAC, using staff support or student assistants. The Manager will also be responsible for customer service calls and response time-lines. The Equipment Pool Manager will make arrangements for and coordinate the equipment review associated with the Ministry’s annual Request for Proposals (RFP).  The Equipment Pool Manager is the Custodian for the SEEPAC Petty Cash fund.

Statistical Data

The SEEPAC annual contract with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care provides an annual budget of approximately 3 million dollars (2008).   As part of the of the SEEPAC contract, the Inventory Manager will be responsible for overseeing the ordering, receiving, shipping and invoice approval of equipment for 1,000 new units annually at a value of 1.7 million dollars.  Some 200 units are returned annually to the program and the Manager would work closely with the technician to discard, salvage or sell the units. Units returning for repair would also account for some 350 transactions in a year.  The total lease inventory at any time is approximately 6000 units around the province of Ontario.

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions