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Scheduling and First Year Engineering Assistant

Date: July, 2016
Reports to (Job Title): Administrative Co-ordinator, First Year Engineering
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): None
Department: Engineering Undergraduate Office


Main Campus


35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

Undertake all scheduling and student sectioning responsibilities for first year courses and upper year general engineering courses under the guidance of the Associate Director of First Year Engineering. Provide assistance and support to the Director and Associate Directors of First Year Engineering in conjunction with the Administrative Co-ordinator of First Year Engineering. 

Key Accountabilities:



  • Extensive use of UW Infosilem scheduling system to assist the Associate Director of First Year on scheduling matters such as course and exam scheduling, mounting new courses and changes to existing courses.
  • Code and implement course selection for first year engineering.
  • Mount courses in preparation for Course Enrolment Management.
  • Enrol students who are in the recovery program.
  • Arrange rooms for the following: mid-term and final examinations; assignment of students for Practice Test; extra lecture and tutorial rooms as required.
  • Book teaching labs (i.e. Weef and Multi-media) for term lectures and one-time functions.
  • Extensive contact with instructors regarding exam scheduling and course requirements/constraints.
  • Gather teaching assignment information from engineering, math, physics and earth and environmental sciences.
  • Help to resolve instructor/timetable conflicts for all courses.
  • Co-ordinate all scheduling components for first year GENE courses plus exam and proctor assignments for upper year GENE courses.
  • Assist with scheduling of sessions for first year engineering student preparation for CECA and WatPD sessions.
  • Process all faculty time change requests which require Associate Dean’s approval.


Student Contact

  • Assist with implementation of student schedule changes (e.g. drop/add electives).
  • Perform on-line drop/add functions for student timetables (e.g. course overrides).
  • Check year one Cohort Enrolment Issue Report for students in core courses, core + 1, etc.
  • Check weekly enrolment reports to verify registration and report problems to the Registrar’s Office.
  • Arrange, approve and proctor supplemental exams.
  • Address examination conflicts in absence of the Admin. Co-ordinator.
  • Notify students of enrolment in special help tutorials (i.e. GENE 119).
  • Contact students who are missing WHMIS and ELPE requirements.
  • Develop a schedule for class visits to seek representation for student elections.


First Year Team Support

  • Assist with the maintenance of progress charts for students in special programs (i.e. RRT, QPR).
  • Import exam results to the Year One database.
  • Assist with academic progression report reviews (i.e. ELPE and WHMIS)
  • Work in conjunction with the Associate Director on course selection of first year students in core courses.
  • Arrange divisional and organizational meetings and record minutes as required.
  • Arrange beginning of term class welcome visits.


Instructor Support

  • E-mail class lists from Quest (or student masterlist) as requested.
  • Gather all marks (including SUPP exam marks) each term.
  • E-mail instructors with information on help sessions to be held in the WEEF Lab each term.
  • Work with instructors to arrange weekly help sessions.
  • Create ‘important notice’ sheets and instructor lists.
  • Provide instructors with timetables and course schedules.
  • Contact instructors regarding make-up lectures and proctor support.

Position Requirements




Knowledge of the Faculty of Engineering and experience in Infosilem desirable.                


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other



Basic Basic
  • Working knowledge of Infosilem scheduling system
  • Experience using Outlook; Quest (course selection and enrolment; course override entry; student academic records)

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Level of Responsibility:

The position has defined specialized or routine tasks and receives specific guidance.

Decision-Making Authority:

Handle course and instructor scheduling conflicts in consultation with the Associate Director of First Year Engineering; requests for scheduling changes during final phase of timetabling are discussed with the Associate Director for resolution and with the Associate Dean for approval.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Minimal physical and sensory demands typical of a staff member operating within a university service department.

Working Environment:

Minimal exposure to disagreeable conditions and pressure. Significant and varied computer work. Comfortable office environment typically sedentary in nature. Lack of control over multiple and/or tight deadlines beyond one’s control.