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Department: Centre for Contact Lens Research Effective Date: August 22, 2011


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Administrator of the Centre for Contact Lens Research

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the Administrator of the Centre for Contact Lens Research (CCLR).  It exists to facilitate the administrative needs of all CCLR studies and provide support for the CCLR in general.

Nature and Scope

The Centre for Contact Lens Research is a semi-autonomous unit located in the School of Optometry which works in partnership with the contact lens industry to conduct clinical and basic research in order to understand the eye’s response to contact lens wear.  The CCLR has a major role in the support of the development of contact lenses and related products and is world renowned for its research in this area.

The Receptionist is responsible for managing the flow of study participants and others through the CCLR.  S/he is responsible for ensuring that all entry and exit documentation is completed and that files are filed and stored according to CCLR  guidelines.  In order to accomplish these tasks effectively, the incumbent must have a full understanding of protocol requirements for each study.  Considering that there can be 10 to 15 studies running at any one time, remembering the details for each can be quite challenging which is compounded by the fact that this is a front line position in a very busy environment.

The Receptionist will also provide support to the CCLR infrastructure through maintaining an inventory of supplies, assistant with the care and maintenance of resources and other tasks that contribute to the overall functioning of the CCLR.

The Receptionist will work closely with the Resource Schedulers, the Research Assistants and the recruitment team to coordinate completion of all administrative responsibilities.  S/he will also interact with the research staff in order to fulfill responsibilities and achieve goals.  As this is considered a front-line position within the CCLR, the main focus of the position will involve interaction with study participants, the public and other members of the CCLR and School of Optometry.

Statistical Data

The CCLR currently has an operating budget in excess of $4 million and completes at least 35 contracts and grants per year.  It is currently housed in a 5,000 sq ft facility and supports the following:

            8 faculty members

            20 research personnel

            16 staff members

            12 graduate students

            Numerous co-op/undergraduate students

In addition to internal School of Optometry and University of Waterloo departments/personnel, the CCLR is currently associated with 10 of the leading contact lens companies as well as other academic institutions involved in contact lens research.  It maintains a database of at least 3,000 potential study participants with approximately 2,000 participants enrolled in various studies annually.

Specific Accountabilities

1. Managing the flow of study participants and others through the CCLR including reminding participants of their appointments by phone or email and contacting those that don’t arrive for their appointment.

2.  Ensuring that all study entry and exit documentation is completed and the file is then directed to the appropriate person/place.

3.  Acting as second authorisation for study participant payment cheques and distributing them to participants at the end of the study.   Also responsible for maintaining a study fund to reimburse participants who do not pass the screening criteria.

4.  Maintaining the study filing system and archiving files according to CCLR guidelines.

5.  Assisting potential study participants with the completion of the pre-screening forms.

6.  Maintaining an inventory of supplies such as; spare instruments bulbs, stationery/office supplies, paper, printer toner and consulting room supplies.

7.  Assisting with the maintenance of facilities such as contacting the helpdesk when the visual acuity system crashes, setting up photocopier codes and troubleshooting problems with the photocopiers.

8.  Providing support for shipping.

9.  Ordering and providing refreshments to study participants and assisting with other CCLR catering needs.

10.        Providing back up for the Resource Schedulers, recruitment team and occasionally the Research Assistants.

11.        Performing other duties which are from time to time requested by the Administrator, other members of the Senior Admin Team or other members of the CCLR.

Working Conditions