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UW Shipper/Traffic Coordinator 

Department: Central Stores Effective Date: August, 2012


40 hr/wk

Reports to: Assistant Manager, Central lStores

General Accountability

The Shipper/Traffic Coordinator reports to the Assistant Manager of Central Stores.  This position processes and oversees all shipments that leave the University Campus on a daily basis for roughly 675 active users on the University’s Electronic Shipping System.  This position is the first point of contact for persons connected to the University who need sent goods sent out and for people outside the University that are inquiring about something that has already been sent out.

Nature and Scope

1.Manage the University Web Based Shipping System, which includes:


2.Other Shipper and Traffic Coordinator duties include:


3.Professional/work related accreditations or licences required:


Statistical Data

Central Stores employs 33 staff, including 30 full time or contract staff and 3 seasonal summer students.  The annual operating budget is 1.5 million dollars.  Central Stores handles the movement of tens of millions of dollars, worth of goods around the campus and abroad.   

Specific Accountabilities

Additional responsibilities and duties include:

Working Conditions

This person must be able to work in a fast paced work setting, with time deadlines that need to be met daily, monthly and yearly.  This person must have excellent customer service, communication and problem solving skills in order to deal with the day to day business practices at the University and abroad.  The shipper must also be able to work extra hours when need be to accomplish and meet deadlines on certain tasks.  The shipper must be able to lift and move heavy boxes and skids of equipment.  The shipper must also work with very minimal supervision and be able to make quick decisions that impact the University shipping world, both logistically and financially.