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Department of Chemistry Services Manager

Department: Chemistry Effective Date: May, 2009

USG 10

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Department Chair

General Accountability

The Department of Chemistry is a large organization whose smooth operation depends upon the efficiency of a number of its service components.  All academic and service staff members in the Department report ultimately to the Chair through the Undergraduate Laboratory Coordinator, the Department Office Manager, or the Associate Chair via the Department Services Manager.


The Department Services Manager (DSM) is responsible for the operation of the following departmental activities and services:



In addition, the DSM is responsible for the operation of the following Faculty-wide services:



The DSM will also be responsible for any required expansions of the nitrogen gas service on campus and, in conjunction with the Faculty of Science Director of Buildings, Special Projects and Facilities, for the development of a support and delivery service to the School of Pharmacy.


The DSM is expected to partner with the University Safety Office with respect to the operation of the Chemical Waste Services and is expected to coordinate with and participate in the UW Spills Team activities.

Nature and Scope

The DSM works closely with the Chair and the Associate Chair of the Department of Chemistry to ensure the efficient operation of the Department for those components of the job that deal with the internal functions of the Department of Chemistry, and works with the Faculty of Science Director of Buildings, Special Projects, and Facilities (FSDBSPF) for those components of the job external to the Department of Chemistry.


The departmental services component involves:



The Faculty of Science/University component involves:



Internal working relationships involved are with:



Supervisory Responsibilities



Statistical Data


Specific Accountabilities

The  Department of Chemistry Services Manager must satisfy  a number of special requirements, such as:

Working Conditions