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Research and External Program Liaison Administrative Officer

Department: Civil and Envrionmental Engineering Effective Date: May, 2008


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Chair and to Director of CPATT

General Accountability

The Research and External Program Liaison Administrative Officer is directly responsible for all research and administration activities of the Centre for Pavement and Transportation Technology (CPATT) and for activities related to the Department’s involvement with the joint engineering program in Abu Dhabi. The scope of the position will require about two thirds time related to CPATT and one-third related to the Abu Dhabi program. It encompasses the following main functions: (1) managing the research administration of the Centre and the external administrative liaison with the Abu Dhabi program, (2) managing the administrative requirements of CPATT’s research staff (Board of Directors, Director, Associate Directors, Senior Advisors, Technical Staff, Graduate and Undergraduate Students, Visitors, Post Doctoral Fellows) and (3) acting as liaison with the University’s Office of Research and Finance as well as external granting agencies, industry and various professional associations. The Research and External Program Liaison Administrative Officer reports to the Department Chair on matters related to the Abu Dhabi program and to the Director of CPATT on matters related to the Centre.

The Research and External Program Liaison Administrative Officer is responsible for financial administration and personnel management related to both CPATT grants and contracts and to the Abu Dhabi funding and other resources provided for the program. This requires a broad range of capabilities including a strong financial background and computer skills in the latest spreadsheet, word processing, graphics and the like software, knowledge of various funding sources and related guidelines, excellence in interpersonal, organizational, communication and problem solving skills, sound understanding of UW policies and procedures related to the administration of foreign education programs, the ability to interact with a variety of internal and external contacts,  and sensitivity to a cross-cultural context as related to the Abu Dhabi program.

Nature and Scope

The incumbent is responsible for numerous financial and administrative duties as designated by the Department Chair in the case of the Abu Dhabi program and by CPATT’s Director regarding the Centre’s activities. The environment in which the position operates requires a high degree of adaptability in time management, monitoring, and record keeping, responding to internal and external requests and participation in meetings and various other activities. Ability to form and maintain internal and external relationships/communication is an important function in the position.

Statistical Data

The research funding for CPATT, involving 8 to 12 faculty members and up to 25 or more funding sources, is about $2 million annually. Operating budget for administration, labs, field test sites and equipment is in the order of $0.25 million annually.

Asset value of the CPATT infrastructure, including labs, equipment, test sites, etc. is in excess of $5 million. The number of CPATT and individual researcher accounts administered by the incumbent total over 30.

The Civil and Environmental Engineering part of the Abu Dhabi program will involve about 11 faculty members and 200-250 students in steady state in Waterloo and Abu Dhabi.

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions

The working conditions for this position are generally those constituting of UW office environment. Some travel and/or meetings may be involved from time to time, as authorized by the Directors of the program.