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Multimedia Design Specialist


Information Systems and Technology

Effective Date:

May, 2007



Reports to: Production Supervisor, ITMS

General Accountability

This position reports to the Production Supervisor of ITMS. The Multimedia Design Specialist (MDS) is responsible for key instructional content creation and delivery areas within ITMS: production, editing, and delivery solutions for multimedia broadcasts and capture services; tracking, investigating, recommending, implementing new tools and services; consulting on interface design, primarily for instructional content. While instructional content assumes the highest priority, the MDS will, as opportunity permits, work on other content projects, such as media relations and promotions.

Nature and Scope

ITMS is responsible for supporting people in their use of central teaching and learning facilities. Its mandate is to maintain and evolve those facilities, and to offer technical assistance and related services, in order to help enhance course content and delivery, in the classroom and online. In this provisioning and support role, ITMS collaborates with related areas such as Distance and Continuing Education (DCE), the Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE), and the Library. As workloads permit, ITMS supports the non-academic areas of the university by covering special events and producing content about the University of Waterloo for use in various media venues.

Within this ITMS mandate, the MDS provides services directly to faculty, staff, and students, with priority on supporting course content. Services include professionally finished audio/video productions, media format conversions, instruction on how to use facilities and services, and advice and guidance on creating interfaces for conveying multimedia information, often for the web. Duties also include projects to investigate new tools and services. Work requires project skills, from consulting and conceptualizing, to executing and delivery phases, to project completion.

Statistical Data

Clients include professors and instructors (course materials), academic programs (e.g., MAREP, IQC), researchers, students, staff (e.g., CTE, DCE, and Library), special event coordinators in departments that provide UW media materials (such as CECS, Alumni, and Communications and Public Affairs). In addition to course materials, productions may be used for fundraising, university archives, training, and many other applications.

Specific Accountabilities

The incumbents are responsible for key ITMS areas: recording, editing, and delivery solutions for multimedia broadcasts and capture services; adopting new tools and services; consulting on interface design, primarily for instructional content in the web environment. These areas include responsibility for the following activities.

Working Conditions

Work is often performed under time constraints and to deadlines for deliverables.  Most duties are performed at a workstation; however, it may be necessary to work at locations on and off campus, especially when providing coverage of UW public affairs and administrative events. This will entail physical demands such as carrying and setting up equipment, and standing while recording. Some university activities occur outside the normal business hours of the university; there is an understanding that staff in this position be willing to accommodate, on an infrequent basis, such assignments as guest lectures and classes that start after 16:30, weekend workshops and conferences.