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Borden Site Co-ordinator/Research Technician

Department: Earth Science Effective Date:
Grade: USG 6 Reports to:

General Accountability

This position is responsible for the management of environmental services pertaining to the Waterloo experimental test sites at CFB Borden and will work closely with base personnel to ensure all proper procedures are met.  This will be accomplished through planning, directing, designing, managing and conducting field activities/installations and through the management of field personnel. 

Nature and Scope

The main focus of this position is to manage the installation of new infrastructure of test facilities at CFB Borden.  This is done through co-ordinating drilling crews and other installation crews, ordering required materials and supervision of installations.  This position also involves assisting in the design of new experimental sites and the upgrade of other test facilities.  The supervision of other field workers will be required (graduate/co-op students).

The incumbent will play a major role as the liaison between the Base Commander at CFB Borden and the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Waterloo.   This role will entail; meetings with base personnel to ensure that all-base procedure concerning environmental regulations are followed.  An annual status report on all Waterloo activities at the base is required.  Also, a yearly independent environmental audit must be completed, the organisation of this audit will fall under the jurisdiction of this position.

This position also involves work done on campus at the University of Waterloo.  Along with conducting field experiments, the position involves sample analysis, data management, and conducting/designing laboratory experiments.   Other administrative duties will include, tracking of financial expenditures, liaison between academics from other institutions requiring a field site at Borden, and technical/scientific reports.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

The important end results, which are to be achieved, is the organisation of new experimental infrastructure for use by graduate students at the University of Waterloo and from other institutions.

Working Conditions