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Technical Assistant

Department: Biology Effective Date: February 28, 2002
Grade: USG 5 Reports to:

General Accountability

General administrative and secretarial services plus technical editing and production of electronic media materials.

Nature and Scope

The position is designed to provide general administrative assistance to Colin Mayfield for his United Nations-related projects (this includes financial book-keeping and tracking expenses). It also involves the preparation, conversion and content and style editing of teaching materials for on-line and distance education courses that are being produced for the Water Virtual Learning Centre (WVLC: a joint project with DESA - another UN agency) and the production and maintenance of web sites and databases related to those courses. Oversight and operation of web servers related to those courses is also a function of this position

As part of the WVLC project, technical production of on-line and CDROM-based courses in educational software such as StudySpace or others is required.

The software knowledge required is :

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

Course material entry and CDROM/Web site production. Converting existing and new materials to appropriate formats for the delivery mechanisms.

Maintenance of web server based courses and databases. Entry of materials in FrontPage or Dreamweaver to provide materials for courses and databases

Edited and corrected course materials. Taking course materials and editing them for consistent style and content (not technical content)

Maintain and oversee financial aspects of contracts and grants. Track and report on the expenditures from various contracts

Working Conditions