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Assistant to the Director of Software Engineering

Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering and School of Computer Science Effective Date: May 1, 2006
Grade: USG  6 Reports to: Director of Software Engineering

General Accountability

The Assistant to the Director of Software Engineering assists the Director and Associate Director with the day-to-day operations of the Software Engineering degree program and options. He/she manages the program’s finances, schedules courses and exams, maintains student records, advises students, supervises casual help, collects information for Software Engineering accreditation, processes calendar revisions, and assists with faculty recruitment. He/she is responsible for Software Engineering promotional activities (e.g., Campus Day, UW day, Student Life 101), admissions literature (e.g., viewbooks, acknowledgement packages, offer packages), and correspondence with potential students.

Nature and Scope

This is the only support staff position for the program, which means that a large number of responsibilities are delegated to this person.

The Software Engineering program employs a part-time casual person at the beginning of every term for several weeks.  This person reports to the Assistant to the Director of Software Engineering.

The Software Engineering Program is an independent, interdisciplinary program supported by both the Faculties of Engineering and Mathematics.  The program was collaboratively developed and is administered by faculty in both the School of Computer Science and the Department Electrical & Computer Engineering.  A little more than 100 students are accepted into the program each year, resulting in about 450 to 500 students enrolled in the program. 

Because Software Engineering is a joint program, two major components of this position are coordinating with counterparts in the Faculties of Mathematics and Engineering. 

Interpersonal and critical thinking skills are key to success in this position.  The Assistant to the Director is the only staff member associated with the Software Engineering degree program and options.  This means that the Assistant coordinates with a virtual team consisting of staff from E&CE, SCS, Math, and Engineering, and oversees this team’s work in implementing the SE program.  Moreover, there is a strong desire among all concerned for the program to be perceived and be treated as a joint program.  This often means devising new policies and procedures for day-to-day operations (e.g. divisional and class professor meetings, implementing calendar changes).

Statistical Data

Undergraduate Software Engineering Students:                               


Software Engineering Budget (2 accounts):                                                   


Number of Faculty from E&CE and SCS Teaching SE:                


Number of Staff that interact with this position in E&CE, SCS, Engineering, Math, Registrar’s Office, Finance, HR, CSCE, Scheduling, etc.


Specific Accountabilities




Working Conditions

The majority of time is spent in a comfortable office working on the computer, interacting with people over the phone and meeting people in the office. There are a large number of tasks that need to be completed to specific deadlines throughout the year. At many times a significant amount of multitasking is required, while many interruptions may occur (the Assistant to the Director is to first point of contact in the office). Accuracy and thoroughness are required