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CCLR Lead Recruiter

Department: Centre for Contact Lens Research, School of Optometry Effective Date: January 4, 2010


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Administrator of the Centre do

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the Administrator of the Centre for Contact Lens Research (CCLR).  The primary responsibility is to fulfill the enrolment requirements for study participants for all CCLR studies, according to specific criteria that are unique to each study.  This includes coordinating and overseeing the efforts of other CCLR personnel who are involved in recruitment tasks.

Nature and Scope

The Centre for Contact Lens Research is a semi autonomous unit located in the School of Optometry which works in partnership with the contact lens industry to conduct clinical and basic research in order to understand the eye’s response to contact lens wear.  At any one time there is likely to be 20 to 25 studies on going.  The CCLR has a major role in supporting industry partners in developing new contact lenses and related products and is world renowned for its research related to the anterior portion of the eye.


The CCLR Recruiter is responsible for supplying each CCLR study with the required number of study participants according to criteria that are unique to each study.  In order to do so, the Recruiter interacts with the study research personnel and must be knowledgeable of the protocols and inclusion/exclusion criteria in order to understand the needs of each study.  Then, based on his/her knowledge of local media and other sources of potential participants around the community, s/he decides on an appropriate recruitment strategy for attracting participants.  The incumbent will assist the CCLR Administrator by assuming responsibility for the day-to-day activities of the recruitment team.  This will include overseeing the activities of the Recruitment Assistant, and coordinating this activity with that of the Communications Coordinator, the Resource Scheduler and the Clerical Assistant to follow through on this strategy and ensure that potential participants are being properly processed for enrolment into the appropriate studies.  The CCLR Recruiter is required to report his/her progress frequently to the research staff, the Research Manager and the Directors of the CCLR.


Recruitment of study participants is absolutely vital to the success of the CCLR.  It is largely under the control of the CCLR Recruiter as to how the image of the CCLR is presented to the local community and other sources of potential study participants. His/her oral and written communication skills have a direct impact on the enrolment of study participants.


The particular challenges of this position centre on the need to recruit individuals who have very specific criteria, and often these populations are difficult to attract.  As a result, the CCLR Recruiter must be creative and resourceful as well as sensitive to the timelines of each study.

Statistical Data

The CCLR currently has an operating budget in excess of $3.0 million and completes at least 35 studies per year.  It is currently housed in a 5,000 sq ft facility and supports the following:


3 faculty members

11 research personnel

14 support staff

5 graduate students


In addition to internal School of Optometry and University of Waterloo departments/personnel, the CCLR is currently associated with 10 of the leading contact lens companies, as well as other academic institutions involved in contact lens research.  It maintains a database of at least 3,000 potential study participants with approximately 2,000 participants enrolled in various studies annually.


The CCLR Recruiter is responsible for overseeing an annual recruitment budget of $60,000.00.

Specific Accountabilities

Develop strategies for recruiting study participants who meet criteria specific to individual studies, as well as for populating the recruitment database for future studies.


2.    Organise study participant recruitment campaigns using all possible media and venues, which involves negotiating with the media regarding costs, preparing all the promotional material and designing displays for on-site recruitment. This may include off-site visits with Administrators in charge of various Seniors Residences, advertising agencies and local businesses.


3.    Gather all relevant information for each potential study participant and decide which study they are suitable for, based on the inclusion/exclusion criteria for each study.  This involves retrieving pre-screening questionnaires that are either submitted in hardcopy form or electronically through the website and possibly contacting the potential participant’s optometrist for further information.


4.    Explain the details of the study or studies to potential participants and recruit them into the study, including arranging for appointments to be scheduled as required.


5.    Maintain documents for reporting the status of recruitment and reporting these to the Research Manager, CCLR Administrator and research and administrative staff.

6.    Oversee the updating, maintenance and querying of the recruitment database.


7.    Ensure flow of study participants from one study to the next, as required.

8.    Oversee maintenance of pre-screening files.

9.    Schedule generic screening appointments using Bookit, as necessary.


10.          Perform other duties as may be required by the CCLR administration or research personnel of the CCLR.

Working Conditions