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Office Assistant/Lab Technician 

Department: IGR - Isotope Testing Lab Effective Date: August 2010
Grade: USG 04 Reports to: uwEILAB Manager

General Accountability

Under the direction of the uwEILAB Manager, the incumbent’s main responsibility is providing excellent customer service by answering the telephone, logging of samples received, assigning ISO File and Lab numbers, creating sample analysis worksheets, dealing with faculty, staff and external clientele and preparing casual and overtime payroll requisitions.

Nature and Scope

The Environmental Isotope Laboratory (uwEILAB) operates on a fee for service basis analyzing samples for the content of various isotopes serving University, government, external researchers and consultants for an international clientele. The uwEILAB charges for these analyses to cover chemicals, equipment and salary costs related to the analyses on a cost recovery basis. The incumbent will be an integral part of the team to provide sample analyses results in a timely manner to internal and external clients from around the world.

Statistical Data

Number of Staff Members        10

Part Time Employees              10

              Revenues                     $1.6 million     UW/External Researchers 10/90%

              Samples Analyzed          28,000

              Equipment:                  $3 million

              Supplies/Consumables:   $300 thousand



Earth & Environmental Sciences     15

Environmental Studies                   2

Biology                                      10

Chemical Engineering                    1


Canadian           53 Professors

US                    54 Professors

Foreign              32 Professors


Government Affiliations:       

Canadian           16 (Including Env. Can, F&O, MOE)

Foreign              28 (Including USGS, MDH, DOE)

Consultant Companies:             Canadian           18 (Golder, Stantec)

                                            US                   22

                                            Foreign              8


Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions

Duties are carried out in an office and lab setting. There is a constant need to give close attention to detail with written material and information provided to and by clients. The work is somewhat varied. There are deadline pressures, while at the same time there is a demand for thoroughness and accuracy.