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Food Services Financial Officer

Date: October 4, 2016
Reports to (Job Title): Director of Food Services
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): Manager, Information and Systems; Financial Coordinator, who in turn oversees the positions of Data Entry Assistant and a co-op student(s).
Department: Food Services




USG 10
35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

The Food Services Financial Officer is responsible for providing oversight to all Food Services financial processes, ensuring that all administrative and financial activity and processes adhere to proper accounting and procurement practices, as well as conforming to University policy and procedural requirements.The Food Services Financial Officer will provide financial management and strategic planning support to ensure the viability of UW Food Services business units. 

Key Accountabilities:



  • Develop, improve and implement strong internal financial controls; ensuring that the UWFS Department adheres to the University’s financial policies and procedures
  • Periodically review and audit UWFS financial procedures and transactions to ensure strong internal controls and efficient and effective financial accountability
  • Meet regularly with the UWFS staff to support effective financial management and appropriate internal controls, and to encourage the sharing of best practices throughout the department
  • Act as a liaison with Procurement and Contract Services, Plant Operations, IST, Finance, Watcard, and other departments on campus as necessary, to develop and oversee various projects and financial processes
  • Collaborate with Finance, Watcard and other service departments to ensure that issues are identified and resolved  and that accounting policies and procedures are adequately documented, communicated and understood within the department
  • Ensure that team leaders for all internal and external audits comply with requests for information, and ensure that financial and procurement obligations are addressed within the department’s strategic plan
  • Provide oversight and conduct periodic audits on all internal and external budgets, reports, and monthly/daily statements
  • Act as project manager for all financial  capital improvement activity.


Financial, Strategy and Control

  • Responsible for obtaining an overall picture of the financial performance of the department’s operations, administration and debt management
  • Prepare multiyear projections of the department’s financial position, identifying concerns and potential solutions for the department’s success
  • Assist in the development of a departmental meal plan strategy by identifying spending and cost patterns within the local economic environment
  • Analyze the impact of all government agencies (local, provincial and federal) as they affect our business operations
  • Provide financial decision support to the Director of Food Services
  • Prepare financial documentation and metric reporting for the Director, managers and supervisors, to aid their decision making (e.g. cost benefit analysis, budget updates, rebate analysis, labour and food costs reports, menu engineering, etc.)
  • Conduct periodic audit and review of cash handling and point of sale procedures throughout the department to ensure financial accountability
  • Provide financial analysis in support of current and long-range planning, taking into account implications of commitments related to special projects, meal plan prices, labour costs, Watcard program management, food costs and other pricing strategies.


Financial, Management

  • Manage and coordinate the development of the department’s annual operating budget, interacting with the Director, administrative staff, and operations teams in each area of the department, submitting an annual budget to Finance in a timely manner
  • Meet regularly with staff who have budget responsibilities to provide coaching and assistance on financial budget development
  • Develop a strong financial and systems team to support the department
  • Review financial reports for each area in the department on a regular basis, conducting meetings with necessary staff to discuss potential issues
  • Train, coach and develop administrative staff on financial and budgetary issues to help team members achieve their individual professional goals
  • Assist the Food Services team in planning and administering the allocation of funds, e.g. special projects, asset management, rebate allocations and other expenses as required
  • Attend or participate in networking opportunities at appropriate conference or training sessions at both internal and external venues; assess other institutional processes in order to better evaluate our own.


Project Management and Procurement

  • Administer and monitor the department’s growth and improvement projects, attending scheduled project meetings and providing liaison to franchise representatives and other contractors to ensure projects are delivered in a timely and effect manner in accordance with budgets; monitoring start and end dates of projects with respect to budget availability and spending patterns
  • Oversee the RFP/RFQ processes for the department to ensure the appropriate selection criteria are established and that products and services are selected within the best interest of the department in accordance with the budget
  • Regularly audit and monitor all QS2 reports as they correlate to FORE on daily revenues and expenses including the review of work orders, purchase orders, transfers, fees and administration charges, and ensuring that any special designations or requests are handled appropriately; ensure that all purchases are delivered in an accurate and timely fashion in accordance with the budget
  • Regularly assess mid to large purchase requests and submit purchase orders to appropriate suppliers
  • Oversee all requests for work orders do be conducted by internal or external suppliers, ensuring that all work orders are completed in a timely fashion in accordance with the budget
  • Work with the Executive Chef to develop accurate tracking and development of product rebate program


Operational Management Support

  • From time to time, provide guidance and insight into University processes and issues
  • Participate in task forces and provide guidance as necessary
  • Participate in external University audits as required
  • Provide month end inventory assistance
  • Conduct periodic cash handling and POS training

Position Requirements


University undergraduate degree with a professionally recognized accounting designation (e.g. CA, CMA or CGA) 


Minimum 3 years’ experience in an accounting/finance-related environment. Practical experience in the hospitality and food services business preferred. Experience in a not-for-profit environment preferred. Proven project development and leadership skills pertaining to facilities management preferred.  Strong analytical, technical and problem-solving skills. Conceptual thinker with strategic planning skills and initiative. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Works independently with a strong work ethic. Exceptional attention to detail. Understanding of generally accepted accounting principles and their application in not-for profit organizations. Demonstrated leadership and mentorship skills.


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Intermediate Advanced Intermediate



Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Internally communicates with members of the University community to deal with, influence and motivate others. Externally deals with, influences, and motivates customers, suppliers and vendors, and liaises with professional network.  

Level of Responsibility:

Manages a distinct group of operations within the department and is responsible for the work within that group of operations.

Decision-Making Authority:

Makes frequent, timely, and independent decisions on the basis of general guidelines and directives.  Requires flexibility in decision-making, responding to changing priorities

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Minimal physical demands primarily operating within an office environment. Occasional hands-on activities within a restaurant setting requiring minimal exertion of physical effort.

Working Environment:

Team environment in an office based setting, and involving frequent visits to UW Food Services units and functions as needed. Required to maintain a flexible schedule to facilitate daily operations and events, which may include work rotation through days, evenings and weekends.