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Administrative Assistant

Department: Earth Sciences Effective Date: 1 May, 1999
Grade: USG 05 Reports to:

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the Professor managing the Groundwater Remediation Research Program for the achievement of administrative objectives through facilitating, monitoring and supporting the research program

Nature and Scope

Reporting Positions to Supervisor - Other positions which report directly to the same immediate supervisor include Research Professors, Visiting Scientists, Post Docs, Laboratory Supervisor and Graduate Students.

Reporting Positions to Incumbent - No positions report directly to the incumbent.

Organization Description - The Professor directs a Research Program funded by a NSERC IRC and various additional industrial research funding.  Through this funding, the Professor manages the Groundwater Remediation Research Laboratory and supervises both MSc and PhD graduate students. 

Major Management Challenges – One major management challenges that are encountered are based in the part-time nature of the position.  As the position is only filled two half-days a week, some immediate and required activities do not get immediate attention.  An additional challenge is the requirement to provide to support to a variety of staff members including: Faculty; University Administrative and Laboratory Staff and students.

Nature and Source of Controls- The research funding availability limits the range of expenditures available for capital and staff expenditures.

Participation in Secondary Duties - Participation in secondary duties and committees is not mandated.

Significant Relationships - Significant internal relationships consist of the lab and research staff and students and the Departmental secretary and staff.  External relationships consist of NSERC administrative staff and Industrial IRC contacts.

Statistical Data

Research Program for 2004/2005 - $740,000

Salary for 2004/2005 – $587, 026

Specific Accountabilities

  1. Provide administrative support for the Supervisor as required and specifically including final presentation from draft documents of letters; memos; reviews; powerpoint presentations and research proposals and distributes as required.
  2. Provide financial account tracking and salary expenditures.
  3. Ensure University policies and procedures are followed for all administrative activities,
  4. Support administrative requirements for graduate students and staff.
  5. Maintain a staff roster and research publication database.

Working Conditions