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Digital Pre-Production Co-ordinator

Department: Graphics Effective Date: September, 2008


40 hrs/week

Reports to:

Digital Production Supervisor

General Accountability

Accountable to the Digital Production Supervisor

Nature and Scope

1. Organizational Relationships:

a. Other Positions which report directly to the same supervisor:

b. Positions which report directly to the incumbent:

2.Description of General Framework and Environment:

The Digital Production department of Graphics is a customer service and high volume black and white printing center.  The facility is equipped with high speed digital production equipment.  Other equipment includes 2 DigiPaths.  Our facility is also equipped with a Print Management System to manage inventory, collect data, price and bill customer accounts.  The main focus of the center is production of Courseware, Distance and Continuing Education printing, Board of Education printing, and various departmental jobs.  During regular periods, production occurs 7:30am – 5:00pm, Monday – Friday.  During rush periods, these hours could be extended to include 24 hour production and weekends.  It is expected that members of the Digital Production team will work overtime when required.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities


                 e. Digital Archiving



  • f.Customer Service

  • Provide customer service to all customers, including members of the UW and Waterloo Region Board of Education communities. 
  • Act as primary contact for members of the Exam administrators and Registrars office in regards to final exams and convocation printing.
  • Act as primary contact for the coordination of highly confidential materials from the Human Resources department.
  • Responsible for intake, scanning, proofing, pricing and scheduling of HR, exam and convocation printing
  • Will monitor production of HR, exam and convocation printing to ensure rigid and sensitive deadlines are met.
  • Liaise with Copyright Assistant to monitor copyright clearances.  Notify department contacts of progress.


  • Responsible for monitoring the daily operation of all areas of digital printing
  • Monitor quality control of jobs with direction from supervisor, ensuring errors are corrected in a timely, cost effective manner
  • Maintain stock inventory for digital production, order inventory as required
  • Assist with general inquiries pertaining to copyright
  • Assist with preparation/pricing of course packs as needed


Significant Internal Relationships:


Significant External Relationships


Working Conditions