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Expense Analyst

Date: July, 2013
Reports to (Job Title): Manager, Accounts Payable
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): None
Location: Main Campus


35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

The Expense Analyst is accountable to the Manager, Accounts Payable for ensuring expense transactions are appropriately processed and procedures and controls are effectively applied.  They are responsible for processing complex payables transactions and resolving related problems.  Responsibility also includes reconciling and reporting on university accounts, actively participating on cross-functional projects, developing policies and procedures to improve efficiencies and providing training to both Finance Staff and clients in the campus community.  The scope and nature of Accounts Payable is extensive and varied. Unlike traditional Accounts Payable departments, the University’s non-salary expenses are not repetitive in nature, requiring a broader understanding of allowable business expenses, accounting and tax issues, and the ability to apply professional judgment. Objectives are achieved by understanding policies and procedures, reviewing documentation, categorizing expenses, addressing compliance issues, influencing best practices, contributing to continuous improvements and entering transactions.

Key Accountabilities:

1.  Process vendor invoices and expense claims:


2.  Produce financial reports and reconciliations:


3.  Provide advice, training and direction on expense related policies, procedures and best practices:


Position Requirements


University \degree with a focus on accounting, and business courses.   Progression toward an accounting accreditation considered an asset.


Previous experience in an enterprise wide computerized accounting environment. 

Proven ability to manage multiple priorities in a rapidly changing environment.

Advanced understanding of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, internal controls and tax-related issues preferred. 


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Intermediate Advanced Basic Oracle E-Business Suite, Cognos Impromptu Reports, Sharepoint, More4Apps

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Superb communication and strong interpersonal skills are required to address and resolve issues of procedure, policy, and compliance.  The Expense Analyst must promote best practices and not yield to pressures.  Internally, communication with team members, department administrative staff, and Financial Officers is required.  The Expense Analyst must communicate accounting information to clients, often with little or no accounting experience, in order to achieve accurate, financial accounting and reporting and resolve issues.  Externally, this position communicates with suppliers in order to resolve account issues as well as the University’s auditors.

Level of Responsibility:

The Expense Analyst is responsible for processing complex payables transactions, reconciling and reporting on University accounts, contributing to cross-functional projects, developing policies and procedures and providing training to both Finance staff and others on Campus.  They must have the ability to respond to multiple and competing priorities.

Decision-Making Authority:

The Expense Analyst is expected for the most part to be self-directed in processing complex transactions, reconciling accounts and resolving a variety of issues.  They must be willing to be accountable and responsible for decisions in an environment with competing priorities and limited resources.  Any changes in policies or procedures must be referred to the Manager, Accounts Payable to approve or determine the appropriate level of approval required.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Minimal physical demands, typical of a position operating within an office environment.  Concentrated, attention to detail is required in an open office environment with competing priorities.  The Expense Analyst must be able to manage concurrent assignments and prioritize workload in order to meet deadlines.

Working Environment:

Minimal exposure to disagreeable working conditions typical of working in an office environment.  The university operates in a decentralized environment in terms of decision making and centralized environment in terms of establishing standards, policies, procedures and financial systems.  Consequently the accounting and technical skills across university units of those dealing with financial matters vary significantly.  Due to the nature and complexities of the university business activities, disagreements and contentious issues and situation may arise from time to time due to differing interpretations of policies and procedures.  There may be periods of irregular/high volumes e.g. year-end.