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Bomber Kitchen Manager

Department: Federation of Students Effective Date: June, 2010

USG 06

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Manager of Food Operations

General Accountability

This position supervises the kitchen area of the Bombshelter Pub.  The Bombshelter contains a 150 person full-service restaurant and a 175 person full-service patio which produces revenue in excess of $400,000 annually.  This position reports to the Catering Manager.

Nature and Scope

The Kitchen Manager is responsible for recruiting, hiring, training and supervising a one-year contract management position.


The Kitchen Manager is responsible, for recruiting, hiring, training, scheduling, evaluating, disciplining and terminating food operations staff in partnership with the Catering Manager for the Bombshelter kitchen.   This includes, but is not limited to, training staff regarding sanitation and safety regulations governing food facilities, food preparation, efficient, courteous service, and applicable policies and procedures.  All part-time staff are hired on a term-by-term basis.  At the end of each term, all part-time staff are to be evaluated consistent with any appropriate Federation of Students and University Policies. 

This position will review kitchen job descriptions annually to ensure they reflect accurate job responsibilities.


The budget for this area will be completed by the Kitchen Manager and the Catering Manager.


The position is responsible for implementing and maintaining policies and procedures for all kitchen areas set forth by the incumbent, the Manager of Food Operations and the Federation of Students. 


This position is responsible for maintaining reasonable food cost levels, budgeted for and agreed to by the Catering Manager.  This will be accomplished through proper monitoring of food levels, minimizing waste, portion control, re-allocation of resources, proper storage and rotation of product, regular cost analysis, and negotiation with suppliers for best pricing.


This position will be responsible for maintaining targeted labour cost percentages.  This will be accomplished through efficient scheduling, monitoring staffing levels, and regular labour analysis.


This position is responsible for running an efficient and effective kitchen area.  The food prepared should be of high quality, including temperature, timing, appearance and taste.  This position should ensure all equipment is functioning properly and if not, take corrective action and notify the Manager of Food Operations.


This position will work with the Bar Ops Managers and Catering Manager to ensure menus at the Bombshelter reflect student demand.  This position will work in conjunction with the Marketing and Communications Manager, Catering Manager and Bombshelter Manager to ensure food operations at the Bombshelter is adequately marketed.


The Bombshelter Kitchen Manager is responsible for developing new food items for the Bombshelter on an on-going basis.  The menu will be developed in conjunction with the other Food Ops managers and the Bombshelter Manager. 


Other duties as assigned by the Catering Manager.  This position is contingent upon funding.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities


Job Requirements and Special Skills


Working Conditions