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Director, Engineering Computing

Department: Engineering Computing Effective Date: July, 2009

USG 15

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Assoc Dean Engineer Computing

General Accountability

The Engineering IT Director is the senior IT specialist in Engineering Computing (EC) and is accountable to the Associate Dean of Engineering, Computing. As such the Director must have broad knowledge of current and evolving information systems, technology and practice and more extensive skill and knowledge in areas relevant to EC and Engineering. The Director must participate fully in the technical work of the EC department. In addition to the role as the senior IT specialist in the department, the Director is responsible for strategic planning, provisioning and management of information technology (IT) and multi-media activities in EC, for the Faculty of Engineering and also for the campus and IST as needed.  The information technology needs of the faculty are complex and varied. The Director is responsible for maintaining the computing infrastructure needs of the faculty in conjunction with departmental computing units and IST.

Nature and Scope

EC is the central unit in the Faculty of Engineering responsible for the support of computing systems, faculty computing labs and networks. EC also supplies some technologies and services at a campus-wide level, including MyWaterloo, Nexus, Minuwet, Emerge and OFIS. The Engineering IT Director, is the senior IT specialist in EC and has a leading role in defining and providing the services delivered/provided by EC in response to changes in information systems and technology, the university environment, and Faculty of Engineering priorities.  In addition to the Director’s IT responsibilities the Director has general managerial responsibilities for staff members in EC, including hiring, performance reviews, promotions, reclassifications and disciplinary issues. The incumbent manages EC staff through effective training, duty assignment and supervision of staff; organization of schedules and functions, establishment of procedures and standards, monitoring of performance and focusing EC staff efforts to meet Faculty of Engineering and University goals. The incumbent must exercise excellent managerial skills in coordinating and supervising the work activities of a group of highly-skilled computing professionals, and in providing EC staff with a productive work environment and career opportunities.  The Director also demonstrates leadership in defining, providing, improving, refining and modifying the services provided by EC in response to changes in information systems and technology, in the university environment, and in Faculty of Engineering priorities. The incumbent must work closely with the Associate Dean of Engineering, Computing, to achieve the department goal of providing the Faculty of Engineering with current and effective information systems and technology. The incumbent must maintain productive working relationships with the management and staff of other computing units across the University, and with management in academic and administrative areas for the purpose of providing services to the entire Faculty of Engineering community. The incumbent requires excellent interpersonal skills, must be aware of university-wide initiatives related to EC and Engineering, and must be
able to interact well with a range of people from inside and outside the university.
The Director will participate in several faculty and university committees including ESAG
(Engineering Systems Administrator Group), WNAG (Waterloo Nexus Advisory Group) and
ECC (Engineering Computing Committee) and others as needed.
The Director must maintain very broad knowledge of both current and evolving technology and practices in information systems and technology, and more extensive skill and knowledge in specific areas relevant to EC and Engineering. The Director must participate fully in the technical work of EC. The incumbent must be familiar with, comply with and promote the University and Faculty of Engineering policies, practices and procedures related to information systems and technology.

Statistical Data

The Faculty of Engineering has approximately 250 faculty members, 190 staff members, 5,563 undergraduate students and 1,430 graduate students.

Engineering Computing supports the Faculty of Engineering and several campus-wide systems. Engineering Computing has 42 servers:

• 31 Unix servers
• 11 Windows servers

MyWaterloo has 27,502 users across campus and Engineering supports 14,597 e-mail users on Engmail. 

Engineering Computing supports Nexus which has 4,170 computers and 70,000 user accounts.  Engineering has 2,140 Nexus workstations and 6,000 computers in total. 

Minuwet serves 12,100 wireless users. 

Emerge is expected to support 7,000 managed computers (Nexus, ADS, Arts Faculty, CS), and will be encouraged on still more unmanaged computers.

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions