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UW Mail Service Specialist (UWMSS)

Department: Central Stores Effective Date: October, 2012

USG 04

40 hrs/wk

Reports to: Assistant Manager of Central Stores

General Accountability

The UWMSS position is accountable to the Manager and Assistant Manager of Central Stores for the day to day operations of the outgoing mail processing area.  In addition this position assists with duties generally performed by the Bulk Mailing Specialist and the Central Stores Assistant. 

Nature and Scope

This position is responsible for the University’s Central outgoing mail processing plant.  This includes first class mail, parcel mail, mail returns, mail adjustments, postage due mail, Xpresspost mail, library rate mail, Spring Mail (USA and International), IUTS mail (incoming and outgoing), library books via IUTS, business reply mail and mail delivery within the department.  This position also is the main back-up for the Central Stores Assistant, when on holidays or sick.  The UWMSS must see that the mail is moved on schedule keeping the error factor to an absolute minimum.  Extreme care must be taken to interpret the very complicated postal rates from Canada Post and Spring TNT mail as considerable money could be wasted with overpayments or serious complaints would be received from recipients who would be forced to pay postage due fees if there was insufficient  postage on mailed items .  All postage charges are keyed directly onto an Excel spreadsheet.  Accuracy and speed are essential. 

Statistical Data

Central Stores employs 33 staff, including 30 full time or contract staff and 3 seasonal summer students.  The annual operating budget is 1.5 million dollars.  Central Stores handles the movement of tens of millions of dollars worth of goods around the campus and abroad.

Specific Accountabilities

  1. Sorting and metering outgoing mail, using certified mail metering machines and related software
  2. Process Xpresspost and Library Rate mail using Canada Post Electronic Shipping Tools software and maintaining accurate records
  3. Keeping an accurate paper trail of all charges for University postage costs by keeping receipts of each charge over $20.00 with the amount per price point and destination filed by outgoing date
  4. Accountability for up to $30,000.00 on each postage meter (2) at a time
  5. Keeping an accurate count of all incoming Business Reply Mail using Excel and accurately charging each department monthly into Oracle, using established procedures
  6. Accurately  pin-pointing the exact location of unidentified mail leaving the University
  7. Operating both postage machines (currently two different makes)  Neopost IJ80 and Pitney Bowes DP1000
  8. Generating bills of lading and all other necessary paperwork for Canada Post using the Canada Post website customer user log in and Spring TNT at day’s end
  9. Preparing and generating the outgoing IUTS library books daily and the IUTS general mail twice weekly, using the assigned Canpar courier software and procedures
  10. Sorting and processing  the incoming IUTS books and mail for the various library’s on campus
  11. Answering all related telephone inquiries
  12. Ordering mail and IUTS Canpar courier supplies from Canada Post, Spring TNT vendors and Canpar
  13. Delivery of internal mail to offices within Central Stores (8 stops)
  14. Inputting bulk mailing charges to Oracle
  15. Inputting mail charges to a running total sheet using Excel and transferring to Oracle when charge exceeds  $10.00
  16. Inputting all Xpresspost adjustment and return charges into Oracle 
  17. Uploading all Oracle and 5220 charges weekly to Finance using Excel
  18. Generating charts on all work flow done in department monthly  using Excel
  19. Assisting in the Bulk mailing area when needed
  20. Assisting the department secretary when needed

Working Conditions

  1. Good health and able to lift or move boxes and mail tubs of varying weights (1 to 50 pounds).
  2. 2.  Strive to maintain a team atmosphere among all Central Stores staff.
  3. 3.  Able to work with minimum supervision in different capacities.
  4. 4.  Work at a maximum production pace, when necessary.