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Records Coordinator

Date: June 1, 2016
Reports to (Job Title): Assistant Registrar
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): Records Assistants (3-4)
Department: Office of Registrar


Main Campus


35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

Reporting directly to the Assistant Registrar, the Records Coordinator is accountable for coordinating and directing the various activities related to ensuring academic integrity of student records, including modifications to Programs/Plans, course enrolment activity, grades updating, academic progression, academic advisement, communication of academic decisions, and petitions to academic regulations.  The incumbent is an expert source of knowledge related to academic policy and procedures and is in constant communication with the Assistant Registrar, Associate Deans, Faculty contacts and students.  The Records Coordinator is responsible for the hiring, training, and supervising of three to four Records Assistants.


The Records Coordinator is the primary resource in the Registrar’s Office to interpret undergraduate policies related to a student’s academic record.  Normally, the Records Coordinator manages the academic records for two faculties.  In addition, the incumbent is responsible for training and directing records system coding and assignments handled by the Records Assistants.  The Records Coordinator is charged with ensuring that deadlines are achieved, accountable to ensure that work completed meets the high degree of accuracy required, and that messages communicated to students, staff and faculty are appropriate and accurate.


The Records Coordinator is adaptable to the evolution of work caused by continuous systems development.

Key Accountabilities:


Direction and Leadership


The Records Coordinator directs and coordinates a wide range of activities related to the maintenance of student academic records. 


The Records Coordinator is responsible for preparing and conducting staff performance evaluations for a group of Records Assistants. This entails collecting peer reviews and gathering input from the Assistant Registrars.



Direction of Academic Records Processes and Training


The Records Coordinator trains and monitors the coding principles applied to maintaining accurate records for modifications to Programs/Plans, course enrolment maintenance, grades updating, academic progression, academic advisement, communication of academic decisions, and petitions to academic regulations.


The Records Coordinator also assists with training related to business procedures and ensures that on-going training and development is thorough and timely for each staff member in the records team.  This entails structuring an individualized training plan for each staff member in the records team and conscientious tracking of acquired skills. The Records Coordinator must be attuned to the need for ongoing professional and skills development for her/himself as well as the Records Assistants. 


The incumbent must keep abreast of changing practices for coding as well as changing policies within individual Faculties.  The incumbent will prepare detailed, specific operational and business procedures to support the ongoing student record management requirements.


Specialized Coding and Reporting


The Records Coordinator is accountable for ensuring the quality and accuracy of academic records updated by the Records Assistants for the tasks/projects that come under her/his direction.   In this capacity, the incumbent must understand and analyze the integrities of the student administration system in creating and generating reports for Assistant Registrar, Advisors and Faculties.


PeopleSoft queries play an important role in supporting Admissions and Records procedures and providing detailed specific academic data for statistical reporting information for analysis by the Assistant Registrar, Associate Deans and Faculty Departments. To support records procedures, generating certain queries enables the incumbent to retrieve detailed information regarding academic decisions, standings and coding inaccuracies.  Query production will also include testing and evaluating numerous scenarios for validity and are crucial when reviewing records for government reporting to ensure accuracy. The incumbent is responsible for merging the output generated by a PeopleSoft query with other software applications.  


  • The PeopleSoft Student Administration system undergoes regular upgrades, fixes and patches that are primarily handled by the Student Information System team.  The Records Coordinator participates in acceptance testing in conjunction with the Associate Registrar, Records and the Records & Systems Manager. The Records Coordinator will prepare detailed test scenarios and clearly document systems issues found for follow up by the Systems team.  The incumbent is also expected to provide recommendations and developments to streamline processes for efficiency and new initiatives.


Interpretation of Academic Policies, Troubleshooting and Advising


The Records Coordinator provides input on developing academic progression rules and maintains details of scenarios where student records don’t appear to be handled correctly by the academic progression rules. Following problem identification, the Records Coordinator recommends academic progression rule enhancements with the Assistant Registrar and Faculty contacts.



At times the Records Coordinator will represent the Assistant Registrar at meetings when required.


Communication and Customer Service


Directing the Records Assistants and the Customer Service Area to respond to student inquiries and concerns as a result of records-related communications is a key function of this position.  The incumbent creates messages and provides strategies on new initiatives for communications to students and faculty contacts including email, Quest-student system access, and websites.  


With her/his in-depth knowledge of policies, the incumbent is responsible for responding to inquiries and requests for information from individuals in the Registrar’s wide and varied client base.  The incumbent must be able to interpret decisions, communicate accurately the outcome to the student and must be able to communicate this information with a high degree of sensitivity. 


The Records Coordinator is responsible for directing Records Assistants and working closely with the Assistant Registrar and Faculty Advisors with respect to deadlines and new procedures as they come on stream. In this capacity, the Records Coordinator will incorporate creative and effective tools for ensuring that this information is efficiently and clearly communicated to students and appropriate university departments.


The Records Coordinator is the primary person for creating appropriate effective communication to be sent on regular basis by bulk email.  This requires sensitivity and clearly thought out messages to reach a large number of individuals at once. The Records Coordinator is also responsible for accurate query production of data to ensure message is communicated to the appropriate audience.


The incumbent will be responsible for responding to questions from students, staff and faculty related to academic standings and program changes.


Research and Documentation


A manual will be used as a reference and training guide for maintaining student records. The Records Coordinator is responsible for creating and maintaining a reference guide for standard petition regulations, management of program/plan modifications, handling specialized coding requirements and timelines for processes.


The incumbent will show initiative in preparing investigative and quantitative data for the Assistant Registrar and Faculty.  This information will be used in assessing student retention and trends in academic requirements.


The Records Coordinator regularly participates in the on-going development of web enabled forms and to provide feedback on their usability and summarizes issues to assist in the redesign process.

Position Requirements


University degree or suitable combination of education and work experience required


Several years of Comprehensive knowledge of, and experience with, University of Waterloo and academic policies and procedures related to undergraduate student records.  Supervisory experience and knowledge of staff-related policies is required.  Experience as an advisor to all levels of the institution around undergraduate student academic records, advanced understanding and working knowledge of academic progression rules and management of student petitions.



Strong computer skills and demonstrated knowledge of PeopleSoft Student Administration, as well as, software applications such as Word, Excel, and Access


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Intermediate to advanced Intermediate to advanced Basic Demonstrated advanced knowledge of PeopleSoft Student Administration

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Demonstrated excellent oral and written communication, interpersonal, organizational, and customer service abilities are essential requirements

Level of Responsibility:

Demonstrated ability to manage multiple concurrent projects involving shifting deadlines and priorities. Excellent aptitude for detail where accuracy is critical. Proven analytical skills, intuitive thinking, and problem solving skills.  Demonstrated project initiative and leadership to support a continuous improvement culture. 

Decision-Making Authority:

Applies guidelines and procedures in making decisions   Makes decisions on student academic records by weighing several factors, including policy and guidelines, some of which are partially defined and entail analytical and problem solving abilities.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Minimal demands typical of an administrative position within an office environment

Working Environment:

Regular working hours, some evening/weekend work required.