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Associate Director, Business Operations

Date: August, 2015
Reports to (Job Title): Director of Atletics & Recreation
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): Mgr of Business & Facility Operations, Mgr of Facilities, Coord. of Marketing & Events, Social Media & Brand Mgr,, Coord. of Communications & Student Engagement


Department: Athletics & Recreation


Main Campus


USG 13
35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

 This position is directly accountable to the Director, Athletics & Recreation for the achievement of the long range strategic planning as well as the day-to-day implementation of all business operations, facility operations, marketing and promotion portfolios. He/she will work closely with other members of the department leadership team to ensure programs offered to students are contributing to the vibrant student experience. This position is responsible for effective managing of staff, processes, facilities, revenue generation, budgeting and programs involved in the provision of outstanding athletic and recreational services. 

Key Accountabilities:

1.  Leadership – Overall responsibility for providing excellent leadership to all staff in the incumbent’s area, including:



2.  Facility Management – overall responsibility of the day-to-day operations of all areas of athletic facilities, including:



3.  Financial Management – Overall managerial responsibilities of fiscal responsibility, including:




4.  Revenue Generation – Overall responsibilities of revenue generation, including:



5.  Relationships/Partnerships – Cultivating and stewarding strong working relationships and partnerships, including:

Position Requirements


University degree is required, with preference to a masters level degree. An accounting designation would be considered an asset.


5-7 years of experience at a management or leadership position with responsibility for multiple portfolios and overall business strategies, procedures and revenue generation. Experience in higher education would be considered an asset.




Experience or exposure to scheduling software would be preferred.


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Proficient Proficient Basic

Competency with scheduling software is preferred. Also, proficiency with other electronic communications is necessary to ensure strong communications with staff and participants.

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Internally, this position interacts regularly with Managers within the Athletics & Recreation department, along with their direct reports, the Director and other departmental staff. This position collaborates regularly with colleagues at all levels, including Affiliated Colleges and Universities, Plant Operations, Human Resources, Finance, Safety Office, Accessibility, Payroll, Feds and GSA. Additionally, this position provides external leadership on the cultivation and stewardship of business relationships with organizations associated with the Department of Athletics & Recreation that enhances the overall service delivery.

Level of Responsibility:

This position is responsible and accountable for all athletic facilities, business operations, and marketing & promotions. This includes the supervising and leadership development, evaluation and performance expectations for their direct reports, as well as other staff and student staff within these portfolios. Also, this position is a member of the overall department management team and drives strategy in all aforementioned areas.

Decision-Making Authority:

This position has significant decision making authority for all accountabilities related to the provision of business operations as outlined within the department. This requires extensive interaction, leadership and facilitation skills. These types of decisions include: staffing decisions (recruitment, performance, development, discipline), business process decisions relating to resource generation and allocation, human resources, service standards, procedures, workload/priority management, and overall budget management. This position makes recommendations to the Director of Athletics & Recreation about improved service and business process opportunities that impact both the incumbent’s and colleague’s functional areas within and beyond the department

Physical and Sensory Demands:

This managerial role is in an office setting and involves minimal physical demands, and moderate sensory effort resulting in slight fatigue, strain, or risk of injury.

Working Environment:

This role is exposed to stress and pressure associated with managerial positions that are responsible for a large number of staff. The role involves minimal-moderate exposure to psychological risk resulting from unavoidable exposure to hazardous, disagreeable, or uncomfortable environmental conditions. There may be unusual hours or schedules, multiple and/or tight deadlines beyond one’s control and constant interruptions (i.e. phone calls, emails, and unplanned but urgent service requests) that are impacted by varying student volumes at different times of the year.