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Research Engineer


Civil Engineering

Effective Date: September 1, 1997
Grade: USG 09 Reports to:

Dr. E.D. Soulis

General Accountability

This position is accountable to Professor Ric Soulis for providing research into meso-scale hydrologic modelling as related to various projects that are funded by external funding agencies.

Nature and Scope

The position involves completing the tasks and milestones resulting from projects that have been entered into by Professor Ric Soulis.  Generally this involves the development and implementation of hydrologic models in watersheds across Canada and throughout the world.   Most work is done independently working towards the goal of completing the contracted tasks.

As well, the position provides support to all members of the Civil Engineering Hydrology Lab and coordination of the University of Waterloo Weather Station.

Statistical Data

Facilitating 6-8 graduate students with on going research activities.

Managing the Civil Engineering Hydrology Lab for the 6 faculty members involved with the lab.

Funding for the position comes from various sources such as:

Part of an NSERC research network – approximately $120 000/year

Environment Canada – approximately $40 000/year

Specific Accountabilities

General office and personnel management.

Helping undergraduates project courses and graduate research.

Providing support for both the national and international hydrological modelling community.

Coordination and maintenance of the University of Waterloo Weather Station and associated website.

Working Conditions

Much of the time is spent working at a computer station in a comfortable indoor area beside a window.  Other aspects of the job require interacting with graduate students, faculty, and staff both within the Hydrology Lab and other Engineering buildings.  Occasional fieldwork is also performed at the University of Waterloo Weather Station and other field sites in southern Ontario