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Supervisor, E-classroom and Technical Services

Department: Information Systems and Technology Effective Date: March, 2010

USG 10

37.5 hr/wk

Reports to: Manager, of AV Integration in ITMS

General Accountability

This position reports to the Manager of AV Integration in ITMS. The E-classrooms and Technical Services area of ITMS supports, upgrades, and updates the audio-visual (AV) equipment in centrally scheduled e-classrooms and other central AV facilities. As time and personnel availability permit the group assists those responsible for supporting other e-classroom and AV facilities. The supervisor and staff members respond to support calls for the central e-classrooms and AV facilities, maintain and fix that equipment, purchase equipment to refresh the facilities, design the AV set-up for the rooms, and often install the equipment. Staff members assist with AV presentation set-ups, as availability permits, in support of core UW activities. These include ceremonies (e.g., convocation, grand openings) and campus events (e.g., open houses) that require significant AV support.

The incumbent supervises the E-classroom and Technical Services employees and area.

Nature and Scope

ITMS is responsible for supporting people in their use of central teaching and learning facilities. Its mandate is to maintain and evolve those facilities, and to offer technical assistance and related services, in order to help enhance course content and delivery, in the classroom and online. In this provisioning and support role, ITMS collaborates with other IST groups and related areas such as the Centre for Extended Learning (CEL), Continuing Education and Career Services (CECS), Communication and Public Affairs (CPA), the Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE), and the Library. As workloads permit, ITMS supports the non-instructional areas of the university, for example covering special events and producing content for use in various media venues.

Within this ITMS mandate, the E-classroom and Technical Support supervisor has responsibility for providing design and maintenance of supported facilities. He or she provides consulting on evaluations and integrations of electronic media technologies.

As with the area’s staff members, the Supervisor needs technical expertise and skills to perform tasks. He or she requires project skills to investigate equipment, installations, and services, from consulting and conceptualizing, to executing and delivery.

Statistical Data

As of February 2010 there are four full-time technicians, and one or two co-op students.  The group directs jobs performed by the co-op student(s) and 10 to 20 part-time student operators (hired by another employee in ITMS). The group is responsible for support of approximately 100 central e-classrooms, and also other presentation rooms considered central. Clients include instructors, students, staff, special event coordinators, and others.

Specific Accountabilities

The Supervisor is responsible for overseeing the ITMS E-classrooms and Technical Services staff, facilities, and service activities. He or she also participates in providing services. The supervisor’s responsibilities include the following activities.

Working Conditions

Work is often performed under time constraints and to deadlines. The workload is variable with periods of extreme activity that may require irregular working hours. The incumbent must be able to work under pressure (e.g., fixing a problem in front of a full classroom and waiting professor). Many duties require work at locations on and off campus, especially in the support of e-classrooms in many campus buildings, and also when providing support to UW events. This entails physical demands such as carrying and setting up equipment. Some activities occur outside the normal business hours of the university; there is an understanding that staff in this position be willing to accommodate, on an infrequent basis, such assignments as events that start after 16:30 and on weekends.