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Technician, Campus Copy

Department: Graphics Effective Date: May 2006


Reports to:

Campus Copy Supervisor


General Accountability

This position involves working in conjunction with the Campus Copy Supervisor and customers to provide film processing and digital imaging for use in the production of University publication materials used in the offset and digital printing operations of Graphics, as well as customer requirements.

Nature and Scope

Organizational Relationships:

Other positions which report directly to the Pixel Planet Supervisor

Positions which report directly to the incumbent:


Description of general framework and environment:

 The Graphics Department is accountable to the Director, University of Waterloo Business Operations, for the administration, operation and technical development of cost effective graphic design, offset printing, photocopying, photographic, and networked printing to the University Community.  This ancillary department operates on a break-even basis.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities









UW faculty, staff and students & Graphics staff.


6)           Significant external relationships:

Outside Vendors: Treck Hall, Cascades Resources, Equipment repair technicians – Ricoh, Docupartners.

Working Conditions