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Central Stores Assistant

Department: Central Stores Effective Date: April, 2009
Grade: USG 6 Reports to:

General Accountability

Accountable to the Manager and Assistant Manager of Central Stores for overseeing the day-to-day operation of the University’s Central outgoing mail processing plant. This includes improving, implementing and maintaining all systems and procedures related to all outgoing mail. Is responsible for administrative planning and finances of a multi-service department.  Supplying services to faculty and staff at UW as well as other universities and companies outside of UW.  The position is accountable for accurate and efficient operation of Central Stores through the use of numerous financial accounts required to track and reconcile transactions that involve all university departments and faculties.  This position has signing authority on all accounts.  The incumbent also looks after the waste management budget and has signing authority on this as well.

Nature and Scope

Other positions reporting to the Manager of Central Stores are Bulk Mailing Specialist, Surplus Co-ordinator and Asst. Manager.

Uniforms and safety shoes are required because of machinery and heavy lifting.

The incumbent must make decisions and solve problems that arise from the outgoing mail section, the inventory section (surplus & new), computerized address lists from Genasys and manage all administrative duties. It also requires excellent organizational and time management skills, knowledge of policies and procedures and being able to handle confidentiality.  Challenges of the position include the requirement to deal with staff, students and faculty in a pleasant and timely manner with the ability to interpret and apply the policies and guidelines of the department.  As well, the incumbent deals with external companies regarding service and billing matters.  This person also looks after all the computers in the department resolving computer issues and training.  Is involved in trouble shooting problems with the new on-line shipping system that arise now and in the future.  This position is also in charge of payroll for all casual staff.

This position is responsible for keeping up with current changes in the Postal area to ensure the best service for the University of Waterloo.  This position also provides functional direction to the 2 mail service operators.



Statistical Data

Courier drivers as well as Canada Post are in and out of this department numerous times a day because we are the central drop off and pick up point for the University.  We send out just in first class mail in excess of 10,000 pieces of metered mail per day.  Keep track of 100’s of account numbers for charging postage. 

We service the University community and outside companies with all their mailing needs.  Stuffing, labelling, folding, postage and billing.

We stock approx. 300 different new and surplus items on a regular basis and each of these items are multiple, adding up to about 135,000 items at a time all year round plus the stock in the surplus sales which comes in and goes out on a bi-weekly basis. 

We carry an inventory of new items that we sell to the campus.  first aid, janitorial, packing boxes, envelopes, UW forms, Xerox supplies for all copiers on campus.

Specific Accountabilities


General Requirements:





Working Conditions

The working environment is a mixture of both office and warehouse type setting.  The incumbent should be in good physical condition and able to lift heavy loads.  All tasks will be completed as scheduled and in a timely manner based on specific individual assignments which have been issued to meet the intent of the job description.