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Financial Assistant

Date: May, 2011                                                GRADE:  USG 6
Reports to (Job Title): Assistant Director, Planning and Financial Management
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): None
Location: Waterloo Campus

Primary Purpose

The Financial Assistant ensures accurate and timely recording and analysis of CECA operating budgets (mainly expense reports).

Key Accountabilities:

Provide analytical support to the Planning and Financial management team

Identify opportunities for expense control and reduction, including expense report review

Administer third party short term employment contracts
Monitor CECA resource fund expenditures

Administer the employer information sessions invoicing and

Position Requirements


High School Diploma


At least 5 years experience in a general accounting function with exposure to all accounting aspects of an enterprise


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Advanced: to create reports and metrics Average Average None

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

The Financial Assistant has excellent organizational, prioritization and planning skills, including the ability to handle small but time urgent requests. The Financial Assistant uses listening skills to identify and understand business requirements, is a proactive planner and maintains a sense of humour while handling the varied requests of over 45 field staff.

Level of Responsibility:

The Financial Assistant performs no direct supervision of others. This job has defined duties and responsibilities and receives direct supervision. Provide co-worker support and back-up as needed (e.g. during absences and peak activity).

Problem solving
The Financial Assistant solves problems relating to funding requests (e.g. U of W Uri program, an internal hiring program with strict budget limits that has to be managed at least on a weekly basis), and unusual expenditures that exceed $5,000 which require purchase orders and executive approval.

Internal and External Contacts
The Financial Assistant exchanges information with co-workers in other CECA departments and deals with the Finance Department regarding CECA programs.

The Financial Assistant exchanges or provides information to governments at various levels regarding CECA and UW programs.

Decision-Making Authority:

The Financial Assistant makes decisions that ensure that smooth paperwork design and process are in place.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

This role requires exertion of physical or sensory effort resulting in slight fatigue, strain or risk of injury.

Working Environment:

This role involves minimal psychological risk resulting from unavoidable exposure to hazardous, disagreeable or uncomfortable environmental conditions. The role involves unusual hours or schedules (e.g. management meetings, peak activity times such as year-end), monotony, boredom and tedium due to extensive repetition, and irregular and/or high volumes and multiple and/or tight deadlines beyond one's control (e.g. government deadlines, last minute requests for information that need fast turn-around).