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Director of Technical Theatre

Department: DRAMA & SPEECH COMMUNICATION, FACULTY OF ARTS Effective Date: July 2008
Grade: USG 09 Reports to: Chair

General Accountability

This permanent, full-time 10-month position is accountable to the Manager of the Theatre and the Department Chair for the efficient and effective technical management of the Theatre of the Arts, technical and operational management of Studio 180 (Hagey Hall), and Technical Direction for the Department of Drama. The Theatre of the Arts is a 500-seat facility that hosts a wide range of events: academic and studio classes; on-campus events ranging from lectures to major theatrical productions; events for off-campus clients ranging from local high schools, community groups, and business conferences to professional music and theatre productions. The Director of Technical Theatre’s supervisory, management and interpersonal skills need to be especially strong to operate effectively in this environment. The time required to manage the theatre spaces technically can be unpredictable, and the incumbent must respond with flexibility, patience and stamina. In addition, the Director of Technical Theatre provides instruction to students of widely varying experience and skill levels, in areas such as set construction, lighting, sound, audio-visual, and theatre safety. The incumbent must have demonstrated ability and willingness to learn new hardware and software, including digital media. The Director of Technical Theatre ensures that the Theatre meets requirements for the operational standards and safety of the est. 15,000 patrons (not including scheduled classes) who visit the theatre for plays, concerts, lectures and conferences every year. The Director of Technical Theatre is often the primary UW employee contact for off-campus clients.


Nature and Scope


Organizational Relationships:

The Director of Technical Theatre supports the Manager of the Theatre (a faculty position) by:

  1. ensuring that all safety policies and procedures are in place and the students are trained and supervised; the theatres meet all code requirements;
  2. ensuring that all theatre rental clients are given the technical and other support they need (equipment and advice) to produce their functions to a professional standard
  3. ensuring that the budgets and schedules created for department productions are followed
  4. providing instruction to students whose goals include work in technical theatre; areas of instruction include (but are not limited to) set construction, lighting installation, sound editing and operation;
  5. ensuring required safety, industrial, and construction codes and regulations are met; creating and implementing health and safety policies and procedures for the use of the theatres and their associated equipment; providing training to students and staff (including casual staff and student help) in the safe use of tools and equipment and the theatre facilities overall.

Significant Internal Contacts:

 Significant External Contacts:


Statistical Data

Annual averages follow;

Theatre production budget:                                                    $26,000

Specific Accountabilities

Duties that require Supervisory skills:


Supervision of Casual Staff/Student Employees:

Duties Requiring Management Skills:

Duties Requiring Technical, Safety and Administrative Skills:

Duties Requiring Instructional Skills:

Duties Requiring Interpersonal Skills:


Working Conditions