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Residence Life Co-ordinator

Date: August, 2016
Reports to (Job Title): Manager, Residence Life
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): Community Co-ordinator, Residence Life Dons
Department: Housing & Residences


Main Campus


35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

The Residence Life Co-ordinator is accountable to the Manager, Residence Life for the smooth operation and social atmosphere of their assigned student residence(s). This includes managing the Community Co-ordinator para-professional staff and Residence Life Dons, implementing a variety of programs that meet the diverse needs of residence students, and responding to disciplinary issues and student inquiries. The Residence Life Co-ordinator will function in student development, staff development, programming and administrative capacities.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Provide leadership to Community Co-ordinators and the Residence Life Dons in the development of a community based on individual rights, freedoms and responsibilities and when necessary initiate action to redirect activities towards these goals. Provide leadership in regular staff meetings and communicate regularly with the Manager, Residence Life with regard to staff and student concerns while keeping the confidentiality of the Department, staff and students.

  • Coordinate the selection, training, supervision and evaluation of the Community Co-ordinator (para-professional staff) and Residence Life Don (student staff) positions. 

  • Be available an adequate amount of time, including evenings and weekends to meet staff needs and address concerns. Assume regular, rotating weekly on-call shift. Be knowledgeable of emergency response procedures and manage crisis as required.

  • Provide appropriate role model values and increase avenues of communication with students by maintaining visibility, availability and approachability. Assist students through the discipline process by helping them to understand their own sense of individual responsibility and self-discipline. Ensure the rights of the individual as well as the community are upheld through appropriate use of policy and regulations. Hold staff accountable as required.

  • Work closely with the Community Co-ordinators and Dons to assist in developing and implementing programming plans for the residence students. Encourage, organize, present and support programs in the area/residence. Develop programs and procedures that support and encourage academic enrichment, personal development, and community involvement for students living in residence. Draw on knowledge of student development theory when coaching staff on community needs.


  • Provide supervision, leadership, and strategic direction to Residence Life committees, including but not limited to: Residence Council, Student Growth and Development, Student Leadership or Ongoing Training and Development. Participate in ongoing assessment of these initiatives, ensuring alignment with the Residence Life Key Performance Indicators.

Position Requirements


Bachelor’s Degree


Previous experience in residence life in a professional capacity is required. Previous experience supervising direct reports, managing difficult conversations, student issues and executing judicial processes is required. Demonstrated success in dealing with difficult issues and complex problems, making frequent, timely independent decisions with the ability to prioritize effectively. Demonstrated ability to remain tactful under pressure with the capacity to maintain confidentiality.   Excellent relationship management skills and demonstrated ability to contribute to a collaborative environment. Excellent interpersonal communication (oral and written), analytical, organizational and customer service skills.  


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Basic Basic Basic other

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Presentation skills, communication

Level of Responsibility:

Staff management, leadership, influence, crisis management

Decision-Making Authority:

Responsible for decisions impacting residents, student-staff, and para-professional staff within assigned residence building(s)

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Work in a fast-paced environment, ability to remain focused with distractions (i.e. responding to unscheduled requests)

Working Environment:

Office-based, evening and weekend work required , occasional travel