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Administrative Assistant for Anthropology

Date: July, 2013
Reports to (Job Title): Chair, Anthropology
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): None
Location: Main Campus


35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for the development and management of the Department of Anthropology’s administrative systems in support of its teaching and research missions. The position requires a thorough knowledge of university policies and procedures, finance and scheduling systems. The Administrative Assistant requires excellent communication skills and the ability to work independently and to interact effectively with faculty, staff, students and external personnel. S/he coordinates the essential administrative operations of the Chair’s office and the offices of the Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, and the Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies.

Key Accountabilities:

1.  Provides a comprehensive range of administrative support to the Chair and other members of the department:



2.  As the department’s Undergraduate Co-ordinator:


3.  As the Department’s Graduate Co-ordinator:



4.  Faculty recruiting, appointments, tenure and promotion:



5.  Provides support to the department’s financial management:



6.  Supports the department’s academic programming, communications initiatives and special events:


Position Requirements


Some postsecondary education or equivalent combination of education and experience.


Several years of administrative experience, preferably in an academic context.


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Sharepoint, web maintenance, relevant university business systems for finance, student records and data management.

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

This position requires communication with internal contacts to obtain, clarify and discuss information and to receive instructions. Contact groups and individuals include but are not limited to:
Department Chair, Associate Chairs Undergraduate Studies and Graduate Studies
Faculty members, sessional instructors, postdoctoral fellows and research associates
Registrar’s Office, Scheduling Office
Faculty Financial Officers and Executive Officer
Faculty of Arts Undergraduate and Graduate Offices

A wide range of administrative services on campus
The position requires communication with external contacts to obtain, clarify and discuss information, and to make arrangements for events and activities, including fundraising.

Level of Responsibility:

The Administrative Assistant receives general guidance from the Chair or Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies and Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, but is expected to perform duties with relative independence and use judgment in determining when involvement of others is required. Most faculty members in Anthropology travel extensively, and the Admin Assistant must be prepared to handle day to day decision making and problem solving independently.

Financial accountability:
This position develops the department’s annual budget in partnership with the Chair and the Arts FFO; monitors and reviews transactions on an operating budget of $837,864 (approx. $51,500 non-salary); has signing authority on routine department expenditures, and reviews expenditures on an estimated $19,000 in trust funds.

Decision-Making Authority:

Authority for departmental administrative matters under the general guidance of the Chair and within University and Faculty procedures and practices. Examples include:
- establishes and manages task priorities in a multitasking, deadline-oriented environment;
- establishes, maintains and oversees effective administrative processes for the department; approves routine operating expenditures;
- provides direction to students on routine matters and approves standard forms (overrides

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Minimal demands typical of an office environment.

Working Environment:

Minimal exposure to disagreeable conditions.