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Receiving Logistics Co-ordinator

Department: Central Stores Effective Date: March 2011
Grade: USG 5 Reports to: Supervisor, Central Stores

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the Supervisor of Central Stores for the day to day operations of the inbound receiving area and all processes involved.

Nature and Scope

This Receiving Logistics Co-ordinator is responsible to assist with and oversee the University’s Central Receiving area, where objectives are accomplished through the receiving and processing of all inbound shipments in a timely manner for subsequent delivery by other Central Stores staff.  This Receiving Logistics Co-ordinator works with the Receiving Process Co-ordinator in a warehouse environment and must assist with unloading of shipments from delivery vehicles both within and outside of the Central Stores building.

Challenges include establishing the logistical flow for the high volumes of delivered products which vary in size from envelopes to large crates, including perishables and dangerous goods.  This position also acts as one of the local IST administrators who must maintain all computer systems in Central Stores and report problems to IST.  Other challenges include organizing, distribution and providing the necessary security of master keys used daily by Central Stores staff.  Multi tasking capabilities are an essential requirement for day to day resolution of the receiving process.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities


Working Conditions