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Administrative Assistant

Department: Germanic and Slavic Studies Effective Date: March 7, 2005
Grade: USG 6 Reports to: Chair

General Accountability

This position reports to the Chair and receives functional direction from the Associate Chair Graduate Studies of the Department and is responsible for the day-to-day administrative activities of the Department, as well as all aspects connected with the graduate programs offered by the Department.

Nature and Scope

The Administrative Assistant serves as a close adviser to the Chair in all matters pertaining to departmental activities.

The Administrative Assistant manages the office and, in this capacity, maintains and monitors the operating budget and all departmental accounts, has signing authority on all accounts except those for full-time faculty salaries.

One support staff member reports to the Administrative Assistant.

The Administrative Assistant serves as an adviser to the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies in all matters pertaining to graduate students, which includes graduate student funding and salary budgets.

The Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies offers various undergraduate programs in German and Russian as well as an MA and PhD program in German and an MA program in Russian.  The Department consists of 11 full-time faculty members, various part-time and sessional faculty members, including many guest professors and lecturers, 30 full- and part-time graduate students, and two support staff.


External relationships include:

Internal relationships include:

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

Supervises one support staff member.

Works closely with the Chair on confidential matters, including Promotion and Tenure Briefs, Performance Appraisals, hiring of faculty and staff, and maintaining faculty members’ files.

Payroll authorizations for graduate students are initiated every term and the yearly budget for graduate student funding is closely monitored.

The Administrative Assistant’s involvement with graduate work spans the entire process from answering initial enquiries to maintaining graduate students’ files to the completion of their various degrees.  This also includes the exchange programs with the Universities of Mannheim and the University of Bamberg in Germany. The Department admits up to 10 new graduate students from Mannheim every year and up to 3 new graduate students from Bamberg every year.

 The Administrative Assistant is responsible for coordinating the applications of graduate students for external awards/scholarships (SSHRC, OGS).

In conjunction with the annual TA workshop in September, an orientation/information session is conducted with all new and continuing graduate students.

Working Conditions