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Administrative and Graduate Program Assistant

Department: French Studies Effective Date: June, 2011


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Chair of French Studies

General Accountability

The Administrative & Graduate Program Assistant is accountable for establishing, maintaining and overseeing effective administrative processes in the Department of French Studies, consistent with UW and Faculty-wide standards and protocols. S/he supervises the Department’s Undergraduate Assistant and reports directly to the Department Chair. In addition, s/he is responsible for the administration of the Department’s graduate academic programs, managing the application and admission process, all relevant University scholarship competitions, maintaining student records, allocating space in the Department’s graduate student offices, and providing general advice to the Department’s graduate students. S/he works in partnership with the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies in these duties.

Nature and Scope

The Department of French Studies offers an MA and PhD in French and, at the undergraduate level,  both four year and three year degrees: Honours French, French Teaching Specialization, Arts and Business Co-op. The Department offers special programs of study in Nantes, Paris, and Chicoutimi, Quebec. At the undergraduate level, the Department has particular expertise in on-line learning.

The Administrative & Graduate Program Assistant is responsible for the development and management of administrative systems to support the Department’s teaching, learning and research missions. The position requires a thorough knowledge of University policies and procedures, financial and scheduling systems, and supervisory protocols. The Assistant must have excellent communication skills in both French and English, and the ability to interact effectively and fluently in both languages with faculty, staff, students, and people external to UW. S/he co-ordinates the essential administrative operations of the Chair’s office and the Department, and is responsible for the supervision and annual evaluation of the Undergraduate Program Assistant.

This position is also responsible, with the Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, for managing the cycle of applications, admission, progression through the academic program, scholarships and graduate for the department’s graduate students (more than 20 students), with all the administration this encompasses.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

Problem Solving


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Prospective student administration

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Budget administration

Scholarship co-ordination

Graduate student advising

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